Make Your Own Ringtones For Sidekick 08. Free Sidekick Slide Ringtone Downloads.

Make Your Own Ringtones For Sidekick 08

make your own ringtones for sidekick 08
    sidekick 08
  • The Danger Hiptop, also re-branded as the T-Mobile Sidekick, is a GPRS/EDGE/UMTS smartphone manufactured by Danger Incorporated (since 2008, a subsidiary of Microsoft).
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New Sidekick
New Sidekick
Yay, I finally bit the bullet and got one! Strobist: Camera on tripod in bulb mode and tiny f/stop, then I painted the phone with a snooted strobe, probably about 10 pops.
Butch n Nellie's
Butch n Nellie's
A little soft focus, but I just loved this sign!

make your own ringtones for sidekick 08