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Software For T Shirt Designs

software for t shirt designs
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    t shirt
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software for t shirt designs - QUICKSTART T-SHIRT
Platform: WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP Publisher: QUICKSTART Packaging: JEWEL CASE Design fun wacky and wild T-shirts! It s quick and easy with Quickstart T-Shirt Studio! Create custom T-shirts for any occasion they re fun for birthdays parties sports clubs family get-togethers and more!Tons of Features! Professionally designed templates make starting a project easyImport your own photographs and graphicsDraw boxes round boxes circles ovals arcs ellipses and lines in any width color or patternLayer manager organizes your art by separating text vector and other graphic layersText transformation gradient fills image conversions and more!No Downloads Required. Everything Is in This PackageHundreds of Templates!Easy as 1-2-3!Custom Tools! Stretch Your Creativity to the Max! Unleash your imagination with professionally designed templates spectacular images brilliant backdrops and incredible tools! Get your creative juices flowing and make your T-shirts stand out!Everything Is in This Package! Professionally designed templates and matching graphics are all included inside this package! No fussy downloads to deal with when all you really want to do is get started and finish quickly. Just supply the paper follow the three easy steps and print!3 Easy Steps to Make T-shirts! 1 Choose Your Desired Design 2 Open Design Template 3 Personalize and Print!System Requirements for Windows Windows 98 Me 2000 XPPentium 500 MHz or faster processor128 MB RAM80 MB free hard disk space800x600 monitor 16-bit colorCD-ROM drivePrinter and transfer paper required to print designs

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t-shirt designer software
t-shirt designer software
Online-product-designer provides online t-shirt design software at low cost. Enjoy the same tools that the professionals use for shirt design, banner design, i-pod designer, lettering designer, Paint application, shoe designer, sign designer.
Social Software linked people and stuffs in a six degree of separation
Social Software linked people and stuffs in a six degree of separation
Social Software provides a new paradigm to connect everything in a Scale Free space. It’s also a model of universal 6-degree of separation. More and more real people will join this land to enable more Social Capital accumulation.

software for t shirt designs