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My Long Gears of War 2 Weekend
My Long Gears of War 2 Weekend
Thanks to a struggling economy, my entire office (those that weren't let go) was put on a four day work week. While it no doubt sucks, it did allow me to have an extended Gears of War 2 launch weekend. It all started Thursday evening, 11:00pm standing in line outside of Best Buy. My buddy and I were probably 7th & 8th in a line which stretched around the corner of the building by the time they started letting groups into the store at midnight. Immediately after entering the store we were greeted with a 'Gears of War' table which had copies of the games, strategy guides, as well as some midnight launch goodies including a GOW2 shirt, trucker hat, golden hammerburst redemption codes, 1-month Xbox Live card, and pre-order bonus - the remote controlled tank (all destined for sale). After filling up on the freebies, those of us with pre-orders were set to customer service, while those who hadn't pre-ordered to game were allowed to pick up a copy off the table, hit the register and walk out the door. Basically, if you pre-ordered you had to wait in two lines, but if you didn't you could get your ass out of the store ASAP and get home to play. I just found that a bit interesting. Another interesting thing I saw was someone on the pre-order line holding up the works but also purchasing other items aside from his pre-order. This dude sat there trying up one of the two open registers buying stuff that he could have easily purchased during the day. Needless to say, those of us waiting on-line, anxious to get home and play, were not amused. From there it went from bad to worse as I ran into problems at the other register thereby tying up EVERYONE who pre-ordered the game. After 25 failed minutes at register #2, register #1 was free and I was finally rung up and on my way. That night, I ended up playing multiplayer until 4am. The bulk of my time was spent getting a feel for the game in Horde with some friends. The changes were subtle from the first Gears, but evident enough that it took a few rounds to 'sink in'. Once adjusted though, it was nothing but glorious I'll try not to come off as a fanboy here, but it is going to be difficult as I have nothing but praise for GOW2. It's as if the game was custom built for me, as it takes queues from all my favorite gaming genres. It's got the action of a shooter, the tension from a survival horror, and the 'world on the brink' intensity that brings a huge, stupid grin to my face. In multiplayer, the changes have made the game much more enjoyable in my opinion. The original Gears of War multiplayer matches devolved into little more than shotgun brawls. So much so, that during a ranked matched my (random) teammate yelled at me to 'PUT THE LANCER AWAY!!!'. While the original Gears was all roadie-run shotgun, my GOW2 multiplayer experience has been all about digging in for some epic firefights. Bullets are flying everywhere, smoke grenades are detonating sending you flying on your ass, and rounds are lasting longer thanks to everyone keeping their heads down. You can say what you want about GOW2, but this is exactly the type of gameplay experience I am looking for. Over the weekend I managed to make it through level 50 on Horde (on normal) and finish the campaign (on hardcore). Both experiences were simply awesome, and I'm looking forward to going through them again multiple times. Horde is an absolute blast to play with friends. While it may start out simple enough, things ramp up pretty quickly which is only exacerbated by you and teammates dwindling ammunition supply. Working together trying to hold off an ever growing onslaught is as much fun as it is intense. Screaming intel back and forth such as "LEFT SIDE CLEAR!", "BLOODMOUNT BEHIND YOU!!!!!" and the ever important "I'M DOWN!!!!" accentuates just how frantic the rounds can be. Horde is a great multiplayer addition for those times when you just prefer to 'work together'. In the original Gears, my friends list rarely ventured outside of Execution. While Execution made be the dominant game type in GOW2, it is certainly not going to be the only. Guardian. Submission, Wingman and even King of the Hill (sorry annex) were all on the playlist over the past four days - and the simple ability to change these on the fly without having to create new rooms each time is a joy. Not to mention the ability to add bots here and there to fill in the gaps when we have lopsided teams. Pretty much everything about the new multiplayer lobby is light years beyond what the original game offered. Campaign mode is just as 'bigger, better and more bad ass' as multiplayer (Cliff B. is never going to live that down, is he?). I had two concurrent co-op campaigns running with friends and one of them via split screen with Ev. While I did end up playing one of them to completion on my own, I have to say this game is best when played with a buddy. The firefights are tremendous, and the game barely gives you time
Micro Credit, Macro Change | ICAfrica
Micro Credit, Macro Change | ICAfrica
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