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Davis Furniture Company

davis furniture company
    furniture company
  • a company that sells furniture
  • United States painter who developed an American version of cubism (1894-1964)
  • United States jazz musician; noted for his trumpet style (1926-1991)
  • An academic and agricultural city in north central California, west of Sacramento; pop. 46,209
  • Davys: English navigator who explored the Arctic while searching for the Northwest Passage (1550-1605)

courtyard behind davis church
courtyard behind davis church
Away from the hustle and bustle of the Davis Farmer's Market, a nice little leafy courtyard, full of fluttering autumnal leaves (not pictured), at the back of the Davis Community Church. It was cold today, cold and bright. It was also the day of the 25th worldwide sketchcrawl - and the fifth anniversary of the first one - and even though I was a busy boy this weekend I had to go out and do at least a couple of sketches. I haven't coloured the other one yet so you might not see that just now.
H. C. Craig Building
H. C. Craig Building
Built in 1903, this ornate Victorian structure originally housed the furniture store of Hugh Clifford Craig (1850-1938). Craig sold his business to local competitor W.H. Davis in 1906, but retained ownership of the building. In 1936, after the Davis Furniture Company moved, Craig sold the structure to S.W. Henderson, who ran a variety store here for many years. Elaborately designed, the building features iron columns and pressed metal ornamentation.

davis furniture company
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