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Jason Farrow

Committee Chair 

Amyn Damania     amyn.damania@yahoo.com   
Asst. Cubmaster      -        -
Advancements      Jenny Caouette     jenny@sellsnhre.com  
Activities Chair Matt Krones matt.krones@gmail.com
Treasurer         Amy Finnerty amylfinnerty@gmail.com
Popcorn Kernel   Allison Krones allison_krones@hotmail.com
Registration and PR Chair

Deirdre Bogues-Shubert


All Den Leaders are a part of the committee. 

The committee meets monthly. All den leaders, assistant den leaders, committee members, and interested parents are always invited.

Contact any of us or bedfordpack5@gmail.com for information about upcoming committee meetings.

Note: No solicitation allowed on the above emails.