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Scouting for Food

posted Oct 30, 2018, 3:36 PM by Pack 5 Webmaster
A Scout is Helpful!

This year, November comes with Scouting for Food. For people not familiar with Scouting for Food, it is a completely voluntary event. Each year Pack 5 participates in Scouting for Food event coordinated by Troop 414 off of Presbyterian Church (4 Church Rd). This is a two part - two weekend day event where the first weekend the Cub Scouts drop flyers in a neighborhood to request town patrons to donate non-perishable items which the cub scouts pickup the next weekend. 

This year, the first day is November 3rd and the Second Day is November 10th. On November 3rd, the cub scouts pick a route map from Presbyterian Church from the Troop 414 volunteers between 8am and noon. This is on first come first serve basis. The route comes with a bundle of flyers counted based on the area selected. Cub Scouts then post the flyers at the doors or mailboxes in the neighborhood in a safe manner. 
On November 10th, the cub scouts pickup a route again and go to pickup the non-perishables left outside. The routes are based on availability and are for one day only. 

Based on past experience, I would recommend that you pickup the route as early as possible. It is not needed to do the route immediately after picking up the map. You can do it anytime in the scheduled window. 

This is completely voluntary event and you can do one day or both days. Every Cub Scout that participates at least one of the days, gets a patch and the Pack earns service hours for one Scout one parent per participant. So, in the spirit of holidays and giving, I request every scout to volunteer at least one day.