Thailand - Part 11


27/11 The ride from Nong Khai along the Mekong is a little boring and it's also very windy. We do stop at a couple of places for the views, the latter being a modern temple amid a pile of smooth boulders. The Mekong is quite narrow at this point.


Finding Sala Kaew Ku Buddha Park, the counterpart to the one on the other side of the river in Laos, is not easy, but worth the effort. On arrival a short and very friendly Thai lady befriends Su and acts as our guide. This park is better kept than its counterpart.


Another border crossing, strictly locals only. I got the impression that they were pumping rather a lot of water out of the ferry...

Ganesh riding a rat?

The crepe vendor. Yes, this is a sidecar! 

28/11 Our hotel is very nice and there is an interesting sight nearby, so we decide to stay here. Our excursion takes us to Wat Phu Tok. The attraction here is not the Wat, but the outcrop of rocks that stick out of the plains here. The wat is at the foot of the smaller one and there are walkways all around it on several levels. We can't see much from the top, but the views from the next two layers down are fantastic. 







29/11 The road South is good, big and boring again. We only stop to admire the 'Bi-coloured River', where a smaller, clearer river empties into the Mekong. Ho-hum. At a tourist sign in Thai Su suddenly turns off and we get to admire some 100-million-year old dinosaur footprints. When we arrive in That Phanom and find the recommended guest house, it is closed down. Temporarily, or so the owner's wife says. Her husband is still in Bangkok. I guess he has joined the PAD protests and closed down both airports. That done they probably weren't expecting any tourists to turn up right now... 



Crepes again, this time in the night marked at That Phanom. 

30/11 We visit Wat Phra That Phanom, a very nice temple with some interesting modern murals. After that we head SW. One of the roads on my map and GPS ends prematurely in a village, meaning we are forced to turn around and make a small detour to Kuchinarai. On the way we get stopped by the highway patrol. They are VERY surprised when Su opens her helmet, then they are very friendly. It's almost a complete loop for me: Kuchinarai is where I spent my first night in Thailand and as it is still one of the nicest lodgings I have had. I'm tempted to stay here again, but it's only lunch time. The rest of the trip is uneventful and boring.