Polska 2005


We had to hurry now to be back in Germany in time for my father's 80th birthday. Even so I was a little disappointed that we rode through the Masurien Lakes to a large extent in the dark until we found a camp ground.

 We often saw people working in the fields. The means used remind me of my childhood. It's a family affair.

Front yard in a small village in the North East. This is what it looked like just around the corner:

The storks' nest seemingly is in better repair than the church it is set on:

Next, we visited Frombork. This is where Copernicus spent most of his life and I believe he is buried here in the church.

We tried to follow the coast from there to Gdańsk. Another old Hanse city, very nicely restored with many old buildings.

 There was a very old looking sailing ship tied up there.

 These two guys were ploughing the potato field. Two women picked up the left-over spuds.

 We camped in a lovely spot by some fish ponds. Jenny though and said that I was a stick-in-the-mud when I protested that you shouldn't light a fire in the forest under the trees. As soon as the flames lept up the alarmed owners turned up and were of the same opinion. They moved us and the fire to a safer place by the water.

 We soon crossed the border at Frankfurt/Oder. A quick stop in this sleepy town for lunch and a short walk.

Next, we found a youth hostel for a change, right by the river Havel, and had the whole place almost to ourselves.

 We saw a brochure for the Slawenburg Raddusch nearby, so we decided that was a must-see. It's a reconstruction on the outside, the inside apparently is modern and houses a museum, which we didn't see.

 Another cute church in some village.

When we spotted Colditz on the map we just had to go there. We can confirm that the escape from Colditz really has happened, we have the foto to prove it:

 We both don't like travelling on motorways. But in Eastern Germany we gave up eventually and used them: apart from poor signposting there are many many villages to drive through. And when you have found your way then the roads are closed for works and on the detour there may well be another detour for road works...

 Goal reached. Bon appetit and herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!