North Cape to Sweden

Jenny's solo trip to the Cape and down to Southern Sweden 

 I did get to see a glimpse of the midnight sun although it was very misty at the North cape.  Very beautiful though. The weather on the way up was great.  But for the descent, it all turned to shit.  If you can imagine the worst possible winters day in NZ - that is what is was like.  Wet, windy and bloody cold.  I was told it was very abnormal for this time of year.  Not much consolation. So the first days return was pretty awful.  The second day was fine and without a map I ended up in Finland by mistake.  [No mistake, Finland lies between Norway and Sweden around here...] Nice mistake - met some lovely Finnish people at a little tourist resort in the middle of nowhere who have a kiwi son-in-law.  Stayed in a nice little hut - only 20 euros.  Somewhat better than the night before when I left Pete - the camp reception was closed and nothing else open so I had no choice but to stay in the hotel which cost an arm and a leg.  I also got stung the third night.  Arrived here in Tornio/ Haparanda on the border of Finland and Sweden.  The tourist office was closed but there was an info board outside with map and luckily a YH marked on it.  I headed for the YH - no signposts whatsoever but I had a rough idea where it was thanks to the map.  Had great difficulty finding it as no signposts and all I could find was a psychiatric clinic.  Finally figured out that the "Joentalo" nextdoor was the YH and it was closed.   Great.  Back to the info board.  There was another YH over the border in Sweden.  Found that a little more easily.  It was full.  Back the the board.  Found a camping ground. Also full.  Another camping ground marked as having 24 hour reception - reception closed.  Found one more place with huts but by this time it was quite late and their reception was also closed.  By this time I was tired and grumpy and pissed off and ended up having to stay in another hotel also very expensive but I wasn't in a mood to start doing a round of the hotels so took the first one.  There was a very noisy disco downstairs but I couldn't have cared less.