Malaysia - part 2


We get to go on a walk the next morning. There is a canopy walk, that is to say a series of swingbridges going from tree to tree. Most of the time we walk about 10-20m above ground. On the way back several people get "leeched", including Su. This is the first time I have seen leeches, except for one that dropped onto my visor once while riding in the rain. Now I can see them everywhere. It seems that you can't stop in the jungle or you will be attacked. Hmmmm, I think I prefer the NZ bush... 


The crowd just before departure. 

 As soon as we leave the park there is just miles upon miles of palm oil plantations. 

On Acid's recommendation we head for the Cameron Highlands. As the name suggest this is at some altitude and the climate is a lot cooler. So, here it's tea instead of oil palms. Unfortunately, nobody told us that it's a long weekend and we are soon stuck in endless traffic jams on small roads. It starts to rain again. All the budget hotels and guest houses are full and we end up having to stay in an expensive place, so the next day we are off again. We had another recommendation: "if you don't mind a short distance of dirt road...". Out of luck again, the govt. has ideas with this small dirt road: 


The friendly truck drivers sometimes give us directions, so we don't get lost in the endless constructions site. For a while I fear that when the works end, so will the road. But it's the opposite: a long super highway winding its way through the jungle. It's so much fun that I forget to stop and take pictures. 

Next, more highlands, Genting Highlands this time. This is a detour, there is only one 6-lane road up and down. From far away we can see what looks like a big castle on top of a hill. The views from the top are not bad, when the clouds shift... 


One of the many 'castles' on the top. 

There is no budget accommodation and nothing to interest us here, so we press on and make our way to Melaka. This is more to our liking with lots of things to see and a history you can almost feel.


Yes, the front of the church is on a lean, but not the back, it seems. 

Ice coffee by the river side, the sun is shining, good company and scenery. Life is good. But it's also strange, sometimes: we want to do the touristy thing and take a river cruise. When we turn up at the appointed time we are told the boat doesn't go with less than 10 people, but we are the only ones. So, we walk up the river. It's a good thing, because it gives us time to admire the buildings, etc. We can't help but notice all the boats with only 2-6 tourists in them. I also watch with some technical interest two people driving long concrete piles into the ground along the upper section of the river. We are told that a monorail is being built here. (This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dresden was told they couldn't build a road bridge on the edge of the city, because it disturbs the look of it. The monorail is being built IN it.) 

Right by the river the simple life continues. We stay a few days in Melaka and get a new tyre for Su's bike.