India - Part 4

Trekking in Ladakh 

27/7 The trek with Cecilia is hell for a few days, but there are some good times, too. The first problem is stomach pain for the first 4 days, then I get big blisters on my heels and it turns out I'm far too unfit for this type of trek. We start in the middle of nowhere with a guide, a horseman, 2 horses and 2 donkeys. That way we hardly have to carry anything, but at 4000 to 5300 m altitude my own weight is too much. Cecilia and Dorje, our guide take it in good humour and often wait for me. For the first time in my life I witness flash floods - 3 of them!

The second flash flood of the morning arrives

Minutes later.

A very large mani wall with particularly nice engravings

The animals often ford the rivers where we can use a kind of "bridge"

Ladakhi aqueduct

Blue sheep entertaining us with their antics in a near-vertical cliff

Returning to Leh I learn that my father had an accident. He fell on a footpath in Holland and broke his leg near the hip joint. He's already had an operation and should be back home soon.