Bed Count Project Ireland


To provide real time Hospital data on patient waiting on Trolleys and Vacant Beds in Hospital  

Full Description

The core purpose of this project is to provide public and all other stakeholder with real time data on patients waiting on Trolleys in A&E and also provide alerts for empty hospital beds. we will install censors on trolleys and beds turning them into smart devices. The data will be published on the web with different users interface of each stake holders. the benefits of the project are
-to deal with discrepancy between stats provided by HSE and Nurse count which can as much as 40 a day
- to help emergency services make more informed decision where to take patient taking in account traffic, empty beds and offloading patient to the hospital
- more speed of deployment for ambulances hence increasing response time
- Patient can make more informed decision which hospital to go location vs waiting time
- measuring kpi's such length of stay , waiting time and quality of stay for Hospital Management for better use of resources
- taking burden off manual counting from HCPs so they can concentrate on caring for patient
- Improving waiting times hence reducing risk of mortality

Steven O' Connell
Hammad Ahmed 
Chris Philbin
Jason Ruane 

Designed in Ireland :)