Quote that brings us together: by Ramci Sanvictores
Alma Mater Hymn - " Herald the Bedans coming, May their fellowship never cease, Molded by bold undaunted men of prayer, work and peace..."
History - Bedans of BC by Sonny Calma
It was like any ordinary winter evening in February, the temperature was at 8 degrees centigrade - definitely cold by asian standard. However, this would not discourage some 30 eager Filipinos to drive through Richmond to the Relax Plaza for an organizational meeting of men who, at one time or another attended the exclusive Benedictine school in Manila, known as San Beda College. 
The cold weather was matched by leather jackets and thick wool sweaters but additional warmth was generated by the anticipation of seeing and meeting old as well as new schoolmates. As each individual walked in the meeting room, alert to see familiar face or two (if there was any), the congregation started to hum with cordial and responsive conversation. Registration was not as easy as expected because the passage of time required one to pause momentarily to finally remember and confirm as to what year he attended and graduated from San Beda.
Cautious introductions and casual exchanges soon became comfortable interaction and recollections of common friends, professors and the sharing of some indiscreet escapades with the girls next door of the Holy Spirit or Philippine Normal. There was also cheerful and naughty banter about what great fun it was to miss classes, to catch a movie or "cruise" or just sit by the side walk of Mendiola to watch the girls go by, indulge in idle talk, smoke (drinking was not yet that popular) and while the time pass away until it was time to go home with rest of the students who, somehow, had also learned something for the day while attending classes.
Several yearbooks were also available from the year 60's, 70's, and 80's and it did help to put each generation in the proper time frame: 20 yeas ago? 30 years ago? Oh well it was now 1993 and here we were male bonding around the unifying element of our great alma mater, San Beda College - home of the Red Lions.
Now, history had to be set aside, as the meeting was called to order. Each took their turn to rationalize their presence with name and civil circumstances (married, previously married or married again), years in attendance in San Beda, course completed (or almost complete...), the why's and wherefore's, living in clean and beautiful Vancouver in the province of British Columbia, Canada.
Business was now in session. Discussions, beliefs and ideas on what entity the organization should be in terms of structure and purpose, were laid and shuffled on the table. A consensus eventually surfaced to maintain a non-structured, informal, semi-laid back, unregistered organization steered by an interim executive committee. Only one basic objective was agreed on -- camaraderie.
The vision was a relaxed association of friends unified by a common thread of having shared the same academic environment, who luckily by fate and fortune were also, all Filipinos.
Bedans of BC (British Columbia) thus came into existence. 


Fellowship Day - March 28, 2009

Fellowship Day at Precious Blood Parish, Surrey
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