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Honeymoon Hotel Rooms

honeymoon hotel rooms
    honeymoon hotel
  • * Honeymoon Hotel is a 1964 MGM comedy film. * Honeymoon Hotel is a 1946 Mancunian Film Corporation comedy musical film.
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Hotel Room
Hotel Room
Okay, some explain'. This room had one bed and a shower. The shower is behind that curtain. The reason for the white (fairly see-through-able) curtain is that the wall between said shower and bed is completely glass. The next picture shows it better. This *might* be cool if you were her on a honeymoon (though even still, I can see how many couples would like some more privacy while on the toilet), it was not a great idea for guests who may be staying in the room with a sibling. Aside from that, and sharing the one bed, it was very nice and stylish.
Hotel Room
Hotel Room
We got upgraded when they found out it was our Honeymoon! The folks at the Pentagoet Inn in Castine Maine have a great thing going there.

honeymoon hotel rooms
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