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Retread Off Road Tires

retread off road tires
    road tires
  • (Road tire) A bicycle tire that is usually 700C or 27 in. sizes with a non-aggressive tread.
  • Go back over (a path or one's steps)
  • a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new treads
  • Put a new tread on (a worn tire)
  • rework: use again in altered form; "retread an old plot"
  • give new treads to (a tire)

Happy Misconception Day
Happy Misconception Day
OK – most folks in the USA call it Columbus Day. (October 12 is the actual date). Or maybe it should be called serendipity day. As we learned in 4th grade, Columbus set off to find a shorter route to India and when he landed in the Caribbean he called the indigenous people Indians. We celebrated the day a day early with a serendipitous event that reminded us of another funny misconception by my daughter. Sunday (home for a short visit) she came in from a morning run with a report of seeing the largest shed snake skin anyone had ever seen. We walked about a mile to see the “snake skin” in the image above. It is, of course, a worn out rubber boot. Years ago we were driving through the swamps of south Georgia when she screamed that she saw a huge alligator in the canal beside the road. We turned around to find the alligator was the tread of a retread truck tire in the water. In her defense, the tire tread did look like an alligator for a moment. And for about 5 seconds I thought her snake skin was perhaps a python skin or dead snake. Of course, that will not save her from ritualistic ridicule at family gatherings for years to come and public exposure today at Flickr. But, she is tough and I am sure she can take it.. Native Americans may call it “slave trader” or “Genocide” Day or (Day of Indigenous Resistance in South America).
Cross Country Road Trip 07/14/92
Cross Country Road Trip 07/14/92
07/14 ON the previous page you will find some pressed flowers. They're from Sandy. Lemme tell you the story. While driving through the desert of west Texas Ed & I drove into a rest area to let the engine cool down. as we pull in there are two girls in shorts and bras taking a roadside bath in the spigot. They were with another girl and a guy traveling in a 1970 microbus, I went to to fill some of our water (and of course to look at the pretty girls) and began to make small talk with a girl named Sandy. They left Atlanta to get to LA and in the process have had two flat tires, had to rebuild the engine and repair (dismantle actually) the handbrake. They were letting their engine cool off too. After a few minutes Sandy gave us her number in Albuquerque to give her a ring when we got there, as they were driving straight thru. We left the rest area about 5 minutes after them when lo and behold who do we find with their third flat tire. Yep you guessed it. So we pulled over to offer our chivalrous & good Samaritaned help. We helped them get their mangled retread off & drove Shawna to the nearest truck stop to purchase a new tire & have ...

retread off road tires
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