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Car Tire Wear Patterns

car tire wear patterns
    wear patterns
  • (wear pattern) the distinctive way a tool is worn or abraded through use. Examination of wear patterns can often and more reliably identify the function a tool served, than can consideration of size and shape alone.
  • (Wear pattern) A pattern of wear visible at the point where two parts touch
    car tire
  • An automotive tire which is used exclusively on a passenger car, not a light truck, etc.
  • a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

F1Removalgroup Reviews Complaints - Red Bull v McLaren Gap
F1Removalgroup Reviews Complaints - Red Bull v McLaren Gap
The numbers from the Spanish Grand Prix say it all - qualifying gap between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, one second per lap; race gap: rarely more than a cigarette paper. In fact, as Hamilton said: "If I could have got past I think I would have pulled away." It was perhaps the most extreme example this year of the anomalous difference between the Red Bull and McLaren, according to whether it is a single lap on a Saturday or a series of them on race day. Barcelona was probably McLaren's most competitive race this year, in that their China win came more through strategy than a basic pace advantage whereas the Spanish Grand Prix boiled down to a straight fight that called on all of Vettel's considerable skills to fend off what was essentially a faster car. "We have to look at where our pace has gone," said Vettel. But perhaps it's not so much missing Red Bull pace as enhanced McLaren speed - and the basic fact remains that the Red Bull has got a reduced advantage in the race. Why should this be so? There are several potential explanations. "I believe it's these tyres," says Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. "You can get a lap out of them but they are very fragile and need to be looked after in the race." Horner is implying that the RB7's pace advantage is potentially there all the time but can be accessed only sparingly in order to keep the tyres alive long enough for competitive stint durations. It is an interesting theory. The Pirellis are indeed fragile and the way a tyre degrades, according to how much downforce is acting upon it, is quite a delicate calculation. A tyre has only so much energy contained within it and, other things being equal, the more downforce you apply through it, the faster you use up that energy. The harder the tyre is being squashed into the ground, the more you take out of it and that downforce squares with speed. Other things are not always equal though and there is a balance to be struck, because if the tyre slides too much - because there is not enough downforce acting upon it - it overheats its surface and degrades that way. So it can be that a tyre wears quicker through having more downforce acting upon it - or less. The trick is in having it at just the point of equilibrium. The suggestion is that the RB7 has too much high-speed downforce for the fragile Pirelli to be able to deal with for very long and therefore has to be nursed more than on the McLaren. There is also speculation that Red Bull's engine supplier Renault is finding more time from hot-blown diffuser mapping than other engine manufacturers, having been the ones who pioneered it. This technique - which allows the fuel-air mixture to ignite in the exhaust when the driver is off-throttle, thereby increasing the velocity of the flow to the diffuser and increasing downforce - is widely used in qualifying, but only sparingly in the race because of the increase in fuel consumption. If Renault has indeed got a lead here, then the Red Bull would be expected to show better in qualifying than race. But in this case you would also expect to see a similar performance pattern with the Renault car and that pattern is simply not evident. Furthermore, both Mercedes and Ferrari are adamant they are finding a lot of qualifying lap time from the technology and there is no reason to suppose they are lagging behind Renault Sport in this respect. Finally, there's the matter of the Kers energy recovery and power-boost system to consider. Red Bull's Kers is famously unreliable and can be used only sparingly in the race. But team insiders reckon than even when it is working it is not worth as much lap time as the 0.5secs per lap of the Mercedes or Ferrari systems. So take your pick: the Red Bull has too much downforce for the Pirellis to be able to use; it derives more drag reduction from its DRS; it has better hot-blown diffuser mapping and loses Kers performance. Or some sort of combination therein.
Sometimes, I wonder why I enjoy recounting my dreams to you as often as I do. Do you get tired of hearing them? After all, they’re not real, are they. In the context of our relationship, what’s the difference. What’s real? We're all ideas and photos. But I dream of you often. This is the fact. What's real. For as unpredictable that we we think our dreams are, I’m not surprised that mine have aligned themselves into a kind of pattern. There is you and there is departure. At some kind some kind of airport; I’ve never actually been to any of them. The airports I dream of don't really exist. My totem are the plane ticket stubs. I have so many of them from my past relationship. When I see the dates, I feel some regret. On another timeline, in another dream, things would have gone well and I wouldn't be thinking what I'm writing now. The stubs. They are what’s real. I keep them laying around my desk by my stereo. I always remember the dates with clarity, always falling into mid April or late September. Though I enjoy these months for their seasons, spring and autumn, they are also the most anxious months for me. October has been a month of calamity for the past four years. Beginning with the end of “forever”, the death of a dear one, a near life ending accident, and another falling out. But I don’t think about these things often; the events themselves are as surreal as well, the dreams themselves. From September to December (and even a few times after), it was my insecurity that ruled in my sleep. I dreamt of losing you to some other man. More often than not, in the dream, I would come upon this very suddenly. I would even say they were quite creative. And always, I would wake up in a bad mood and reaching for my phone. Then, when I learned to cope, the phone-calls stopped. I woke up at crazy hours. 5:30. 5:45. 4:30. 6:00. And stumbled through the day in bad moods. Now, I dream of losing you to distance and geography. Physically, what stands between us is the Pacific Ocean. Materially, there are jobs, money, family, and the other miscellaneous items that dot our life. Emotionally, I know (I’ve experienced enough to not second guess and move without recognition). I do not take anything for granted. These dreams are melancholic and quietly sad but joyful. Since they happen so often, I am beginning to wonder where "we" go in between them. The sense of loss dulls a bit each time. Last night, I dreamed that we were at the cinema. This was simple enough. We’ve talked about the simple fact of being able to have this experience many times. I do not take anything for granted. It was a large theater. Like the Kodak in Los Angeles, if that is still around; I have not been there in years. It was multi-tiered and had balconies on the side. Maybe it was an IMAX. I don’t know what we were watching. Though I have a vivid memory, I don’t remember that this time. Here are some other things that I do remember. She was wearing black boots, a black cardigan and had make up on. The shade of you lipstick was a neutral tone and glossy. The cherry red never suited you to begin with. She had gold bangle earrings; there were multiple hoops that were small and stacked on top of each other. Her cheeks were not as sunken as they are now. My family was there too. They were eager to see you but I was not so eager to spend the time with them. Maybe there was some kind of chase or lie I had to use. "The car broke down in San Diego and we won't be able to make it back for dinner." Something like this. I knew with certainty that you would leave tomorrow morning. We walked up the stairs to the balcony seating and watched the the movie. Every dream lingers. Unless it is the kind of flash dream that comes and goes without any memory except for the experience of having one. Tomorrow you would be leaving. This idea lingers. Then I wake up and wait for the next one.

car tire wear patterns
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