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Black Rims Tires Package

black rims tires package
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Black suede leather interior keyless control...AM/FM/6-CD with navigation and Sirius radio, U-connect Bluetooth hands free communications and power everything Additional mods Road & Track performance package SLP LoudMouth II cat back exhaust RKSport Ram-air Hood AFE Stage II cold air intake Billet Technologies custom hood badge visor disguisers and center caps Reflective Concepts side marker overlays amber fogs and headlight eyebrows Custom embroidered center console cover by Jina rear spoiler...chin spoiler...Mopar mud flaps...18" black pocket Daytona rims with Michelin racing tires BLP-1 Pulser center brake lamp mod Sequential tail painted calipers...hidden trailer hitch...and window tint
BMW 750Li By Rastar
BMW 750Li By Rastar
Sorry for the not-so-good composition in this one, I was struggling under the strong evening Sun. The new 1/43 Rastar die cast wave in Kota Kinabalu also offers this car model - the BMW 750Li. It comes in white and black. And man, this luxury ride is long compared to the Volvo XC60! The rims have been done well but the tyres are still hard and made out of plastic. I bought this from Servay Hypermarket in Penampang, for RM 15.90 each.

black rims tires package
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