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designer hotels hamburg
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  • Hotels designed and produced by designers and architects, with certain themes and unique concepts.
  • Hamburg (; , local pronunciation Low German/Low Saxon: Hamborg ) is the second-largest city in Germany and the eighth-largest city in the European Union. The city is home to over 1.
  • A town in western New York, south of Buffalo; pop. 53,735
  • a port city in northern Germany on the Elbe River that was founded by Charlemagne in the 9th century and is today the largest port in Germany; in 1241 it formed an alliance with Lubeck that became the basis for the Hanseatic League
  • Hamburg was a three masted barque built in 1886 at Hantsport, Nova Scotia. She was the largest three masted barque ever built in Canada . Hamburg was one of the last of over a hundred large sailing vessels built by the Churchill family of Hantsport, led by Ezra Churchill.
  • A port in northern Germany, on the Elbe River; pop. 1,669,000. Founded by Charlemagne in the 9th century, it is now the largest port in Germany
designer hotels hamburg - Public Toilet
Public Toilet Design: From Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Civic Buildings and Businesses Worldwide (Trends in Architecture) (English, French and Italian Edition)
Public Toilet Design: From Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Civic Buildings and Businesses Worldwide (Trends in Architecture) (English, French and Italian Edition)
A really well-designed public toilet is a rare and welcome discovery. It adds greatly to the impression made on a building's users -- whether in a restaurant, mall, airport or hotel. And, in the case of public toilets in parks and streets, a clean and aesthetically pleasant public toilet leaves the user with a positive opinion of the city as a whole. For much of the 20th century, "cheap and durable" was the rule. That trend is changing.
Public Toilet Design presents the best projects made in the last two years, worldwide. There are more than 50 public spaces shown, with the "facilities" well integrated into good design.
There are more than 600 full-color photographs. Each project is accompanied by plans and detailed descriptions that show the transformation of the public toilet as its planning, development and construction took shape over the last few years.
It includes:
History and evolution of the public toilet
Places of leisure: restaurants, bars, clubs, malls, gyms, theatres, museums, stadiums
Commuting spaces: airports, train stations, boats, rest areas
Public residences: hotels, spas, geriatric residences
Work areas: banks, offices, public administrations
Materials and accessories used
Ergonomics: adaptations of the elderly, handicapped, and diaper-changing stations
Public Toilet Design is for architects, designers, public administrators, restaurant owners and other proprietors of publicly used space -- anyone wanting to give their clients a better impression where it is keenly noticed.

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Some Rest In London
Some Rest In London
London Heathrow. UK, August 2010. 11 in 11 is ... 11 people I love. Better taken by category. My family, my friends, my favourite writers, my favourite musicians, my favourite painters, my favourite photographers, my favourite designers, my favourite dancers, my favourite colleagues, my favourite schoolmates, my favourite neighbours. 11 things you plan to accomplish this year. Becoming more relaxed. Falling in love. Finding a couple of new lens for my camera. Bringing my camera with me in a very nice trip. Starting some training in street photography. Running as before my left knee crashed. Reading more books than ever. Dancing alone and not only alone very often. Buying those wonderful shoes I saw a few minutes ago. Feeling good... Feeling very good. 11 New Year's resolutions. Better I try to accomplish the prevoius points. 11 very true facts about you. Severe. Sincere. A dreamer. Stormy soul. Too much worried about everything. Always looking, simply looking. Sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes complaining too much. Never forgiving myself. Sometimes lost. Sometimes saved. 11 fond childhood memories. My grandma. My father. This house. The school. An old rusty car. Many sunsets from the stairs. The '80s. The songs. The sun. The beach. The sea. 11 places you've lived. My grandma'house. My parent's house. Brixton. Hamburg. Many hotel rooms. 11 school friends, either one school or all your school years. More than 11 friends. 11 years old! Interpreted as you wish. The year I read my first book by Stephen King. And my life changed. 11 things you can't live without. My family. My music. My books. My camera. My cat. My dog. My friends. My food. London. The sun. The sea. 11 PM Right time for a coffee. the number 11 1+1
"puristisch gestaltete Inneneinrichtung des Mailander Star-Designers Matteo Thun in Einklang mit der eindrucksvollen Gesamtarchitektur des Hamburger Buros Jan Stormer Architekten sowie einer Lichtinstallation des New Yorker Lichtchoreografen Robert Wilson."

designer hotels hamburg
designer hotels hamburg
Fashion Hotels (Designfocus)
High-end hotels have always been the setting for style and fantasy, a venue to see and be seen. This volume explores a relatively new trend, where major fashion houses take over the running of upscale hostelries. With every detail coordinated, from bed linens, to d????cor, china and glassware, the overall effect is of a chic jewel box, where every piece shines. We get a peek at glamorous hotels conceived and run with flair, by major fashion players like Bulgari, Christian Lacroix, Ferragamo, and Versace.