Bed And Breakfast Kent. Helmsely Park Lane Hotel

Bed And Breakfast Kent

bed and breakfast kent
  • Have this meal
  • the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)
  • eat an early morning meal; "We breakfast at seven"
  • provide breakfast for
  • a county in southeastern England on the English Channel; formerly an Anglo-Saxon kingdom, it was the first to be colonized by the Romans
  • A county on the southeastern coast of England; county town, Maidstone
  • (ken) cognizance: range of what one can know or understand; "beyond my ken"
  • United States painter noted for his woodcuts (1882-1971)
  • A place or article used by a person or animal for sleep or rest
  • A piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress and coverings
  • a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep; "he sat on the edge of the bed"; "the room had only a bed and chair"
  • furnish with a bed; "The inn keeper could bed all the new arrivals"
  • The time for sleeping
  • a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"

199603 092 Dover
199603 092 Dover
Snow falling on a group of Bed & Breakfast establishments by the London Road, in Dover. Kent, England.
Kent Police Skoda
Kent Police Skoda
Kent Police Skoda Fabia Bohemia Tdi A Estate in Dartford, Kent attending a 'local' incident, ie in a Pub!

bed and breakfast kent
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