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Cheapest Boston Hotels

cheapest boston hotels
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  • Boston (pronounced ) is the capital and largest city in Massachusetts, and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The largest city in New England, Boston is regarded as the unofficial "Capital of New England" for its economic and cultural impact on the entire New England region.
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Milner Hotel
Milner Hotel
Ok the no Bar or restaurant and rooms were a little small but the bed was comfy and you got a free breakfast which is not always the case in the US. The staff were friendly and the location was ideal for seeing Boston.
The price was much cheaper than other hotels in the City centre and I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again.
Hotel Statler: Boston
Hotel Statler: Boston
opened in 1927, the last of E.M. Statler's hotels. cost me $200 for a night, but it is a Statler so worth it. Still, the STL Statler remains my fav. cheaper and more closely resembles Detroit.

cheapest boston hotels