Motels Music

motels music
  • A motel is a hotel designed for motorists, and usually has a parking area for motor vehicles. They are common in the United States.
  • A roadside hotel designed primarily for motorists, typically having the rooms arranged in a low building with parking directly outside
  • (motel) a motor hotel
  • The Motels are a New Wave music band from the Los Angeles area best known for "Only the Lonely" and "Suddenly Last Summer", both of which peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 and 1983, respectively. Their song "Total Control" reached #4 on the Australian charts in 1980.
  • any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds; "he fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes"
  • musical activity (singing or whistling etc.); "his music was his central interest"
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  • an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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motels music - Lonely Motel:
Lonely Motel: Music from Slide with Steven Mackey, eighth blackbird & Rinde Eckert
Lonely Motel: Music from Slide with Steven Mackey, eighth blackbird & Rinde Eckert
Lonely Motel is the world premiere recording of songs from the startlingly innovative music and theater work Slide, written for new-music sextet eighth blackbird, an ensemble of wind, string, piano, and percussion virtuosos. The group, with composer-electric guitarist Steven Mackey and singer, actor, and librettist Rinde Eckert, premiered the concert-length work at the 2009 Ojai Music Festival in Southern California, a mecca for cutting-edge music enthusiasts. The same forces perform on the new CD, which takes its title from the final song in the cycle.

Eckert plays the central character, Renard, a fictional research psychologist whose fiancee has abandoned him. The heartbroken Renard reminisces about an experiment he conducted using projections of photographic slides to explore the fallibility of human perception.

Lonely Motel's 11 songs are about 'self-delusion and, ultimately, the isolation created by the attachments we develop to our own fuzzy, personal views of reality,' eighth blackbird says. Musically, the songs contain subtle homages to Dowland, Mozart, Stravinsky, Piazzola, and The Beatles.

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Motel Eyes - Killing
Motel Eyes - Killing
Motel Eyes trio's second album recorded over three days at Motel Ideal in Montreal. The band left the porn films and TV on the whole time, and also recorded screeming and noise from the adjacent rooms.
Motel Motel {SxSW}
Motel Motel {SxSW}
Motel Motel @ Paradise in Austin, Texas during SxSW '09 3.18.09

motels music
motels music
Apocalypso was the first album I was going to do what I think Capitol had wanted me to do for awhile, be a sexy girl on the cover. Taking a page from the great Roxy Music album art, I had a complete vision of what it should be--me in a tight-bodiced green dress, hair pulled back in a ponytail, dancing in flames, with lots of cleavage! We did as all bands do--locked ourselves away in a room with a tape machine and started making demos, a heady, wonderful experience, where we made up the rules. When Capitol heard the album the reaction was something like, "We'll release it if you really want us to, but the promotion department will not work it." We went on to rerecord much of the album--but that's another story. . . --Martha Davis