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Hotel Bed Set

hotel bed set
    hotel bed
  • (Hotel bedding) Bedding refers to the materials laid above the mattress of a bed for warmth and decorative effect. Bedding does not include the mattress, box spring or bed frame. Down materials are often used for warmth in bedding.
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Chicago Hotel Portrait I
Chicago Hotel Portrait I
Two outtakes from my tries at this hotel room. It's very small and there are not too many surfaces on which to set the camera. I might have to cheat and finally get some of the shots I've had in my mind - shots that really require someone to hold the camera at an appropriate angle and make sure it's correctly focused (I have friends here and G is coming on Thursday). Is it still a self-portrait if you tell the person pressing the trigger exactly what you want them to do? I will probably come up with something else for the "real" Chicago self-portrait.
Hotel breakfast setting
Hotel breakfast setting
Our night in the hotel came with an awesome hotel buffet breakfast which me and my mom ate at 6:30. You know WHY? Because my mom woke up at 2:30 am and turned out the lights next to the beds, read the newspaper, turned on the TV (without sound, but still!) and just rustled around enough that I couldn't sleep past 4:30. I'm not bitter, really.

hotel bed set
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