Best Hotel In Victoria - Perivolas Hotel Santorini.

Best Hotel In Victoria

best hotel in victoria
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  • a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services

Hotel Angst
Hotel Angst
The Hotel Angst was names after its owner, Adolf Angst. It was built between 1887 and 1914 and soon became one of the best hotels of the Riviera visited by Emperor Frederick of German and Queen Victoria. After the outbreak of the First World War the Hotel's became a military hospital. After the war the 'hotel resumes its original purpose and was managed by Adolfs son. The hotel started a decline due to the changing type of tourism in the area as the tourism aristocrat had disappeared. The hotel was again occupied during the second world war, and apparently held meetings withe Nazi and Benito Mussolini's party. The hotel was also used for refugees, and during this time became more run down and finally looted for its internal marble fixings and anything else of worth. When myself and my brother visited a few years later we sneaked through a tiny gap in main gate at night and with only torches we walked up what would have been the main pathway to the front of the building. Im not for being scared at the first sign of a noise, but we didn't stay long as we heard a strange noise near us in the pitch black. The garden is ridiculously overgrown, with palm tress of at least 30 foot high, and when you walk up to the front of the building its very high and imposing. When i walked up to a open window and shone a torch in its pretty freaky when you see old metal beds sitting in a corner of a room!
victoria's secret
victoria's secret
"Strisciando lungo i lati delle pareti, potevate percepire una scala; e su di essa, accarezzando il suo percorso verso l’alto, c’era Piranesi stesso: seguite le scale un po’ piu su e percepite che arrivate ad una improvvisa brusca interruzione, senza alcuna balaustra e che non permettere di salire ancora verso lui che aveva raggiunto l’estremita, tranne che negli abissi sotto... Ma sollevate ancora i vostri occhi e percepite una seconda rampa di scale piu su: sulla quale Piranesi e percepito ancora, ma questo volta si leva in piedi sul bordo stesso dell’abisso. Sollevate ancora il vostro occhio e si vede un volo piu aereo di scale: ed c’e ancora il povero Piranesi occupato ai suoi lavori di ispirazione: ed e cosi via, fino che le infinite scale ed Piranesi non sono entrambi persi nell’oscurita dell’ambiente." Thomas De Quincey nelle Confessioni di un oppiomane (1822) :

best hotel in victoria
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