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Travel And Leisure Best Caribbean Hotels

travel and leisure best caribbean hotels
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Caribbean Carnaval 2009 Aint Nuthin In The World Like Six Fine Feathered Girls Of The Morning
Caribbean Carnaval 2009 Aint Nuthin In The World Like Six Fine Feathered Girls Of The Morning
The Labor Day Caribbean Carnival is a festival of costumes, music and good feelings. The ones responsible for the wonderful costume designs are called "Bands". There were 40 Bands this year, a record number, all featuring themed costumes often either reflecting Caribbean culture or other cultures such as that of Mexico. The main designer of the Band works for about a month drawing and realizing the designs for the masqueraders as well as the often singular large, wheeled costume that is the main attraction and lynchpin of each individual Band. It seems we have the masqueraders from 4 different Bands. I wonder if there is anyone who can identify them for me.
Caribbean Walk
Caribbean Walk
Caribbean street photography, Dominican Republic

travel and leisure best caribbean hotels
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