Project Overview

Welcome to the BEC VortexBibTex Project, a resource for researchers interested in experiments on quantized vortices in atomic quantum fluids.  On these pages you will find:

  • a resource article listing published papers on laboratory experiments involving quantized vortices in dilute-gas BECs and Fermi-gas superfluids.  Brief summaries of the experimental papers are given in the resource article.  The file is available at the Files page and at the JLTP website.  A short overview of the article can be found on the Resource Article page;
  • a BibTex file that can be downloaded and used when preparing LaTex documents.  The file contains a bibliographic list of published papers on experiments involving quantized vortices in atomic-gas superfluids.   The file is available on Files page, and an overview of the file contents is at The BibTex file page;
  • a spreadsheet that lists the papers included in the BibTex file.  The spreadsheet can be downloaded in MS Excel format from the Files page.  The papers in the spreadsheet also appear on two pages: the Vortex Experiments List and the Reference Articles page;
  • direct web links to the published experimental papers on vortices in atomic gases via the publisher websites.  (PDF files are not provided here, and subscriptions are usually necessary to access the papers);
  • and lists of a few early superfluid helium papers, a few books covering ultracold gases (included in the BibTex file only), a few review articles on BECs, and a few review articles discussing vortices in BECs.  Direct links to these papers (although not the books) are also provided.  See Reference Articles page.

The information and files made available through these web pages are intended to be used as bibliographic resources that extend the aims and content of the available Resource Article.   Although this will be an ongoing project with regular updates and a running list of articles that have been published on one focused topic, this website is not intended to be a "virtual journal" of vortex research in degenerate quantum gases.  To efficiently keep up with a broad range of experimental and theoretical activity in atomic quantum fluids and related areas (including vortices), we suggest visiting the Virtual Journal of Atomic Quantum Fluids.    

This website is maintained by the BEC group at the College of Optical SciencesUniversity of Arizona. If you find an error or omission, if you have published a new paper containing experimental results on vortices in an atomic-gas superfluid, or if you have a suggestion on how this webpage might be made more useful to you, we would like to hear about it.  Please send email to Brian Anderson: