The BibTex file

One of the main goals of this project is the compilation and regular maintenance of a BibTex file that can be used when writing documents prepared with LaTex, or even as a stand-alone reference list.   This BibTex file is compiled from information found on the internet, and includes what is hopefully a complete and chronologically ordered list of all published experimental papers regarding quantized vortices in atomic-gas superfluids (BECs and Fermi gas superfluids) - if you notice that any relevant publications are missing, including your own, please let us know!  The BibTex file also includes a references (at the top of the file) to a few publications and reviews regarding superfluid helium, BECs and ultracold Fermi gases, and quantized vortices in BECs.

As new experimental publications involving vortices in ultracold gases emerge, and as errors and omissions are discovered, references will be added and corrections will be made to the BibTex file available here.  The file name indicates the date of the most recent update (vortexbibtex_YYMMDD).  The most recent version, as well as older versions, are available at the Files page.

For a description of the citation keys used, see the accompanying resource article (Files page).