3 Doors Down

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Current Members 

Brad Arnold - Vocals 

Chris Henderson - Guitar

Chet Roberts - Guitar

Greg Upchurch - Drums

  Justin Biltonen - Bass

This is the most recent photo of my collection  

Photo Updated 11/18/12

I now have more than 200 items in my collection!






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If you have questions or comments about the information i have posted on my site, or you have a release or pressing that you don't see on my list, please email me.



Past Members

Matt Roberts - Guitar

Daniel Adair - Drums

Richard Lilies - Drums

 Todd Harrell - Bass

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I have done what I can to make sure that the information regarding lyrics, releases, and track information that I have posted on my page are correct; however, If you see something that appears to be incorrect, please email me becorkle@yahoo.com so that I can fix it.

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