Names of the applicant institutions:

Regional Inspectorate of Education, Sofia

Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council

137 Secondary School ‘Angel Kanchev’, Sofia

Riga Ostvald Secondary School

Sofia Children Centre

Community School parents Ostwald, School Council

Abstract of the project

The aim of the project is to exchange working ideas between the institutions controlling the implementation of the National educational policy – on the level of Inspectorates of Education; to demonstrate the collaboration between these institutions and certain educational centres-schools; to present the interaction between public organizations, schools and Inspectorates of Education as a real working model.

The project will focus on the most successful pedagogical practices on a regional level; on the way the teaching staff is trained and  stimulated to implement the European educational innovations. In the year of fight against poverty and social elimination the aim will be to present the good teaching practices at a primary school level is to show the attention teachers pay to different groups of students: talented, poor, socially neglected, suffered from different diseases, and ones with special educational needs. Besides, the good teaching practices teach pupils from the very beginning of their education ( the first class) to know and help each other and to co-operate which is the base of the European democratic society. The project aims at presenting the way the good teaching practices appreciate ‘difference’ and ‘individuality’ in the educational process; the way school gives an opportunity to children coming from poor and socially isolated families to feel dignified and to play an active role in the school life.

The most important working sessions in the project are the following:

  • Specific educational traditions of the partners’ countries and the effect of the interaction between the educational institutions and the parents’ community;
  • Training of the teaching staff and the importance of the collaboration between schools and organizations engaged to work on children’s interests;
  • The teachers and parents’ contribution to compiling, approbation and choosing student’s  books, workbooks and school aids for the primary school levels;

Exchange of good pedagogical practices  at primary school classes between the schools in Bulgaria and Latvia.