According to the 2006 European Council Recommendations, key competences are essential in a knowledge society and guarantee more flexibility in the labour force, allowing it to adapt more quickly to constant changes in an increasingly interconnected world. Within the Education and Training 2010 work programme, countries are advise to promote the acquisition of these key competencies by young people at the end of their compulsory education and adults throughout their lives.


There are some products developed in different European countries that deal with the promotion of the eight fundamental competences to Lifelong Learning, in a framed perspective and at a national level. The Bsapiens and “Competences for the Labor Market” products are one of those products. Both products were developed within the scope of the EQUAL programme, through national partnerships (Portuguese and Check respectively), and were developed, tested and nationally disseminate during the life time of the programme. These products are now mainstreamed to the training offer of both ISQ and RPIC-VIP experiencing wide acceptance from our clients.


After analysing the situation of the promotion of key competencies across Europe and their integration in the learning processes of active population we observed that there weren’t many products or programmes dealing specifically with this issue.


Because both Bsapiens and “Competences for the Labor Market” programs were nationally identified as a solution to the promotion and valorisation of key competences in active adults, in an integrated context, we wanted to capitalize their added value, transferring the developed methodologies and products to other European countries.
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