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Module 5

Creating and Uploading a Podcast

This module aims to show Fifi why podcasts can be useful in teaching, what tools can be used to make them, and how they can incorporate them into their Google Sites. The information below includes a video, downloadable notes, and some useful resources for additional information.

Goals of this session

Fifi wants to record her lectures and offer them as an audio file online. She also wants to provide feedback to students by speaking to save time. With her new Google Site, she needs to know how to put these podcasts online


After reviewing this material you should be able to:

  •  identify strategies for incorporating podcasts and multimedia on websites and in teaching
  •  know how to install Audacity and mp3 exporter on your computer
  •  have an awareness of the hardware requirements for podcasting
  •  make and edit podcasts
  •  incorporate a podcast into Google sites

Why are Podcasts Useful?

Podcasts are audio or video captures which are made available online. They have the great advantage of allowing students to review/revise material in their own time at their own pace. There are a lot of studies to show that podcasts enable students to review material they came across in the classroom and have a significant impact on their understanding.

In designing podcasts, you should consider what it is you want to say. There have been studies on the effectiveness of podasts in learning, which break down into three types in order of increasing student activity:
  • Substitutional - these podcasts essentially are a recording of a class/session and allow students to review material at their own pace. While useful for this purpose, they are essentially passive, requiring little activity from the students.
  • Supplementary - these podcasts aim to provide additional reference material for students to explore a subject in more depth. Care should be taken to try to use these podcasts to stimulate student activity, for example, providing some material and pointers of where students could find out more, or tasks for them to do with this supplementary material.
  • Creative - these podcasts are where the students have a central role in the creation of podcasts - this may be in a group project or submission of work, for example in language classes. Obviously these podcasts place the student at the centre of activity.

Video (click when playing for full screen option)

Downloads to Support this Module

Additional Resources