Meet Nettie Quette our e-learnerĀ  who will be learning and sharing alongside you in this journey.

Nettie hopes to achieve confidence in the following e-skills and invites you to join her on this journey.

She plans to follow the e-skill development program courses sequentially.

Course A: (e-skill 1) communicate and collaborate online
Course B: (e-skill 2) learn and network online
Course C: (e-skill 3) reflect and connect online
Course D: (e-skill 4) collect and present online

Nettie's Guides

In this journey Nettie will have two online guides to provide instructions on screen.

Mr G

Mrs G

Meet your Online Facilitators!

Meet your Online Facilitators who will provide your weekly webinars; a consistent online presence in the Community and who will help you gain confidence in becoming an e-learner. The facilitators are skilled in running open online courses and are highly competent in using all of the tools that you will be learning about.

Your facilitators will be available online only as they may be located in other regions of Victoria. (See the Facilitator Support page for their details).

The facilitators will also be your assessors in collaboration with the support mentors.

Meet your Support Mentors!

Meet your Support Mentors who will guide you through the course activities.

Each mentor will be located with cluster groups of learners in regional Victoria. (See the Mentor Support page for their details.)

The team of mentors will support you as you follow Nettie on her journey, by being available at your Learn Local adult education centres and online.

Facilitators and Support Mentors plan to communicate, collaborate and network with you online in the following space:

e-skills mooc Community of Practice