This self-organized website is a companion to the Google group: http://groups.google.com/group/becomeacst.  Both are dedicated to supporting CST applicants. The basic process and formal application packet is found on the Scrum Alliance website.

We encourage each CST applicant to fill out basic information about themselves and where they are in the CST application process, as well as upload any helpful documents they have created or to which they have access.

We encourage CSTs to identify themselves below and post helpful information on this site. For example, as soon as the application deadline for the Atlanta TAC is known, we would love to see the date posted here.

Please help make this site a useful service to the CST applicant community.  All members of the "becomeacst" Google group have edit access to this site, and can invite any other CST or CST applicant to this group.

Site Facilitator,
Tim Korson

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 Timothy Korson Chattanooga, USA 4Applicant qualsys.org
Vernon Stinebaker Hangzhou, ChinaN/ACurrent CST scrumalliance.org/profiles/16047-vernon-stinebaker-