How Book-credit Works

What is Book-credit
When someone brings used books in to donate to Becky's Bookshelf we give some of the original book value back to the customer.
On our book Labels you can find out if a certain book is purchasable with book-credit.
Trade credit may be used towards most purchases in Becky's Bookshelf.

How to Get Book-Credit
In-store credit of 1/4 cover price is given for usable books.
Processing may take up to 1 month.

How to Use Book-Credit
When making a purchase just let the sales clerk know that you have store credit and that you would like to use it.
Using trade credit  during a sales transaction reduces most used book prices down to $2.00 or less.

Other Info About Book-Credit
Unusable books are donated at the discretion of BBS and no trade credit is given.
Currently book-credit is only usable on in-store purchases.
Books are considered unusable if they are: Moldy, Damaged, Over printed, or other reasons.
Books Traded to Becky's Bookshelf become property of BBS and are non-refundable.