My name is Becky Ackley. I am currently finishing my Junior year at Indiana University, Bloomington and majoring in Elementary Education. I have recently also begun course work to attain an extra certificate in reading instruction. Reading has always been one of my passions and so I am very excited that I will have the opportunity now to gain a better understanding of how students learn to read. I believe that a reading certificate in combination with my history concentration will help me become a well rounded teacher and also allow me to share my interests with my future students in the most beneficial way possible.As much as I love to teach, I also love to learn so, I am thrilled to be learning about the profession and gaining as much experience as possible through the Elementary Education program here at IUB. I remain very enthusiastic about my courses, classroom experiences and the prospects of one day having my own classroom! Until that day comes I'm trying to get as much out of my university experience as possible to help me reach the potential, I know, I have as a teacher.