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Weed Huggers

posted Jul 11, 2010, 8:11 PM by Serena Beck   [ updated Jul 11, 2010, 10:58 PM by Colin Beck ]

Most people have probably heard of tree huggers. I admit that I am a tree hugger because I once spent 20 minutes wandering around a US Military Hospital (I was there for work)  trying to find a place to recycle my plastic water bottle. I never did find one and the person we were working with gave me a plastic palm tree (my fave tree) for me to hug instead. 

I determined this weekend that my cats are weed huggers. Similar to how people sit in trees in the rain forest to prevent the deforestation of trees, our cats lay on the base of piles of quack grass absorbing the cool dirt and eating bugs. They protest the uprooting of the weeds. The weeds are their jungle fortress. We see it as a sign of laziness if the weeds are not pulled. However, unless you have something to wipe the weeds of existence there is no point uprooting them. This weekend my parents helped us pull many of our weeds and replace them with sidewalk  blocks. After 3 years, we finally have a real sidewalk and a mini patio.

Colin also finished the flooring in the loft our garage/our future poker lounge. I am going to hang my seated hammock up their from one of the rafters. That will be my only object in his "man space." Colin also completed the electricity and all the wiring in the garage too. Stay tuned for details of the fire pole and the pulley system for restocking beers in the loft.