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Shopping Stimulant

posted Mar 30, 2012, 5:00 PM by Serena Beck   [ updated Mar 30, 2012, 5:21 PM ]

As I step off the escalator on the top floor, my senses are immediately assaulted. I went one floor too many, but it’s too late. My eyes are transfixed, and try as I might, I cannot take them off an enormously breasted anime doll.  I am like a child who just flipped through Play Boy for the first time. I am a slave to the dolls. What amuses me the most about the dolls is the fact that they are showing the politeness of the Japanese culture - the dolls have tape over their nipples. This tape by no means diminishes the disturbing sexual scene that perturbs my eyes. Two girls and one dog. I will say no more.


Somehow, my mind breaks through the stimulus overload and wills my legs to move. I cannot avert my gaze as I am forced to walk through most of the floor to find the down escalator and make my escape. I go down one floor and become lost in a maze of dishes. I slowly make my way through each floor. I feel as if I am on some sort of artificial stimulant. The florescent lights make my eyes hurt and it’s so hard to see the details of the vast array of items to buy. I feel I cannot leave until I buy something. Each object screams to me “You want? You need me!”


The endless streets have brought me to this 8 story monolith of light and sound where I've found what I didn't even know I needed. On the electronics floor, I find it — a light up USB rubber ducky.

Putting on my headphones, I blend into the hundreds of shoppers who have found what they came for, and the thousands who will unexpectedly purchase one of the millions of things you can only find in Akihabara.