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Island Life in Nanoose Bay

posted Sep 8, 2010, 6:32 PM by Serena Beck   [ updated Sep 11, 2010, 9:30 PM ]

Colin and I enjoyed life on the island at his mom's house for the long weekend. We snorkelled in the ocean, admired purple starfish, ate fabulous seafood and enjoyed the company of family. It was a nice relaxing retreat.

Susan and Brian toured us around to a few wineries MooBerry Winery,  Averill Creek Vineyard and Merridale Cider House. We savoured cheese at the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. Our favourite cheese was the creamy berry cheese and they also had a great mushroomy Brie too.

A trip to B.C. just isn't complete without a little duck hunting. I bought 32 rubber ducks from Zydeco gifts on Johnson street. This brings my collection to 479 rubber ducks.

We visited Coombs and the goats on the roof. We found a geocache while we were there. Unfortunately, my stamp and scrapbook store is now a fudge store. The antique stores were turned into hippie clothing stores and fast food stores. The main grocery store still sells delicious candied salmon so that was all we bought.

Here's a few more pics from the trip:

And if you just have to see them all, here are all 341 photos: