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Baby on Board Signs in Vehicles-Is there a Purpose?

posted Aug 22, 2010, 6:31 PM by Serena Beck
Parents want to do everything they can to protect their children and put them first in their lives. This is  understandable. That first ride home from the hospital can be scary and you may drive extra careful and check 3 times that the car seat is in correctly. Your vehicle may even sport the suction cupped warning sign on the back window that states "Baby on Board!" You may graduate to the "Kids on Board" sign as your kids get older or you may opt for the baby bottle magnet that says "Baby on Board."
What is the Purpose of these Signs?
Do these baby and kid signs mean that because you have a baby on board other drivers better drive extra careful around this vehicle. If, heaven forbid, you were in a car accident, it better be with a car that doesn't have any little people on board. Perhaps you should find a car containing much older people instead (watch out Seniors on board will be the next sign).
Do these signs mean that as a parent, you may be too busy oogling or stuffing a soother in your child's mouth to pay attention to the road. Should the sign serve as a warning about your driving and potential risks as a "New Driver" sign does. Watch out it's a new driver. New drivers are unpredicatble. Watch out it's a parent driving and she make sudden dangerous moves.  These may be rather unfair assumptions but these are the connotations that I receive from these signs.
Other car signage fads similar to the baby signs included the Pisces or Jesus fish , the balls dangling from trucks, cancer, military, fight against bad driving etc. ribbons, Calvin figure peeing on a bush or logo,  the stick people family and the list goes on and on. Most of these signs advertise your religion, your beliefs, likes, dislike etc. so unlike the "Baby on Board!" signs, they actually server a purpose.
In my opinion these signs do not make your children safer in the car. The only purpose that I can see for these signs is to advertise to the world that you have children  or twins or whichever version of the sign you purchase for your vehicle. If you have one of these signs on your car, please make sure that you're not using it as an excuse to drive poorly - every other car has humans on board.