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26 Hour Train Trip

posted Jul 8, 2011, 11:57 PM by Serena Beck   [ updated Jul 9, 2011, 12:38 AM by Colin Beck ]

The last time I was on a via rail train was from Edmonton to Kamloops. I was 5 years old, it was the dead of winter and we had to pick up a few train cars from another train that had the engine freeze. Now I'm 29 and my husband, Colin and 3 month old daughter Alicia took the train from Edmonton to Vancouver. Colin found us an awesome last minute deal on VIA rail's website for 75% off. We stayed in a sleeper cabin with our own private bathroom and bunk beds.

Travelling on a train with a baby is very easy. Alicia can eat when she wants, sleep,
  get out of her car seat to cuddle. We fed her before our meals in the dining car and the rocking of the train kept her asleep while we ate. The meals were impressive. For supper I had lamb in a blueberry gravy and Colin had maple salmon. We had soup, salad and dessert. Complimentary coffee, tea, cookies, yogurt and snacks were available too.

Travelling by train from Edmonton to Vancouver may take longer than flying but the journey is half the fun of getting there. We were allowed 50 lbs of checked luggage each and we were allowed carry-ons
that weighed 50 lbs too. We had no security checks and only one of us needed to show ID to get on the train. My parents were allowed on the train and checked out our cabin before we pulled away. The staff on the train were very accommodating. They made up our bed as soon as we requested and even put chocolates on our pillow as a finishing touch.

When it was time to detrain (yes they really say that), we wanted to stay on the Canadian and continue our romantic luxurious journey.

Itinerary of our time on the train

8:00 am Left Edmonton and wandered the train. We got a seat in the skyline panoramic car with a beautiful view of lake Wabamun and a few junk yards.
10:30 am Brunch in the dining car. We had a choice of pasta, Beligian waffles or omelette.
1:00 pm Arrived in Jasper for an hour and had ice cream outside.
2:30 pm Bon Voyage tiramasu and champagne.
3:00 pm Viewed the mountains from the skyline car with the panoramic view
5:00 pm Supper in the dining car.
7:00 pm Car park (caboose on the train with lounge chairs and an upstairs with a view all the way to the front of the train) We visited it right after our supper so we could beat the crowds.
11:00 pm Back to the skyline car to view the stars before bed (option to step off the train for a few minutes)
7:00 am Up for full breakfast and then off the train

Here are a few more photos from our trip:

View from the dining car

Skyline car

Car Park (caboose)

View from the Skyline car