Jewish Medical Students' Association at UC College of Medicine

Hello and welcome to UCCOM JMSA, the Jewish Medical Students' Association at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Here are some resources for Jewish life near the medical campus, in the neighborhoods of Clifton, Northside, University Heights, Corryville, and downtown.

Cincinnati also has many synagogues from all movements and a full-service Orthodox community with two mikvaot and a listserv, but all these things are in the suburbs.

Questions? Email me, Sarah Beck, M4, at Or visit the rest of my site (such as it is) here.

Last updated in February 2018.

Sabbath Services & Meals

Chabad at UC (website) (FB) (map)
  • Rabbi Yitz and Dina Creeger (FB)

  • (513) 751-2288,

  • Usually there are at least a couple of grad students at Friday night dinner, and sometimes quite a few as the evening progresses.

Cincinnati Hillel (website) (FB) (map)

Havayah (FB) (map)
  • First Friday of every month in Northside

  • Egalitarian services and strictly kosher dinner

  • Contact Katie Vogel,

Plum Street Temple (website) (map)

  • Gorgeous historic synagogue downtown, within (daytime) walking distance of Clifton

  • Branch of the Isaac M. Wise Temple

  • B'nai mitzvah on shabbat morning; see calendar and inquire at the office at (513) 793-2556

  • No regularly scheduled services

Other Graduate Student/Young Professional Groups

Other Resources

Jewish Family Service Food Pantry

  • This is a food pantry on the Hebrew Union College campus, across Clifton Ave. from UC's main campus.

  • (513) 469-1188 to pick up some food; (513) 766-3352 to volunteer

Counseling at the Vital Support Center

  • The same JFS location at HUC, near campus, has social workers on staff, should you want to get some support at a venue outside of UC. Open to all.

  • (513) 766-3320, or email Sarah Sherwood at

Over-the-Rhine Kitchen

  • This is a long-standing soup kitchen in Over-the-Rhine that is staffed on the weekends by a rotation of local synagogues and churches. Find a synagogue (see list) where you might be a good fit and contact them to see if you can volunteer on their week. I did this with Adath Israel and had a great time, although they usually have enough volunteers from their own ranks.

Hebrew Union College Library

Skirball Museum

  • World-famous Judaica library and small museum, both well worth visiting. The museum holds openings for its various exhibits...keep an eye on their website. Unfortunately, HUC does not offer many events that are open to the public, though if you have a strong Reform affiliation, I bet you could find an "in." For example, there are services every weekday morning at 10 a.m. in the Scheuer Chapel, though I don't have a contact person.

  • Library: (513) 487-3276

  • Museum: (513) 487-3098

UC Department of Judaic Studies

  • Occasionally hosts talks open to the public.

Clifton Jewish Cemetery (site) (map)

  • Yes, there is a small Jewish cemetery right off Ludlow Ave. in the middle of Clifton. If you're taking a walk, why not pay a visit?

Jewish and Israeli Film Festival

  • Every year in February, three weeks of movies. Some showings at the Esquire Theater on Ludlow (site) (map), among other farther-flung venues.

Kosher Food

Cincinnati has extensive kosher grocery shopping, mostly at Blue Ash Kroger (map) and Remke Hyde Park (scroll down) (map). If you have a car, you are well-served for kosher food. The below is for people who want to grab something nearby or who don't have a car.

Note that the Blue Ash Kroger is accessible by a UC shuttle from main campus if you want to buy meat and can't find a ride. It's about 3/4 mile from the shuttle stop (approach from the back of the parking lot to save steps), but a nice driver will often let you out at the intersection near the Kroger.

At UCCOM Itself

  • The bookstore on the main floor of MSB (E-level) has Sabra hummus, Kraft string cheese (OU or "K"), yogurt, and frozen Amy's meals, in addition to various snacks.

  • The UC and Children's hospital cafeterias have a decent selection of vegetarian items and a salad bar, but nothing with supervision except for yogurt, hummus, and the like.

  • Visit Kosher Starbucks to see what is and is not OK at the Starbucks by the UC hospital cafeteria...more than you'd think, including food!

Clifton/Gaslight/Ludlow Ave.

Take the North Route shuttle from outside the coroner's office, or walk 1.3 miles from campus
Kedem grape juice, Manischewitz wine (OU and mevushal), Kedem gefilte fish, Manischewitz chicken broth, Toufayan pita, shabbat candles, full selection of Sabra hummus, and Hebrew National hotdogs and salami
Cabot cheese (OU), along with many other wild cheeses, including a feta with a Cleveland hashgacha and something from the rabbinate of Athens. Plenty of tablet K cheeses, too.

  • Jagdeep's Indian Grocery (map)
Well-stocked with basic produce, eggs, milk, yogurt, and many staples (rice, lentils...) that either have or do not require supervision

Many varieties of Krinos naan (OU)

  • Clifton Natural Foods (site) (map)
Health food/gourmet store with many national brands with supervision (Tofurky, etc.)
Certified pareve (vegan) cookies in the gluten-free section

Old World brand pita

Many ice cream flavors are kosher, but the store is not under supervision.

  • United Dairy Farmers (map)
Open 24 hours

It's not Graeter's, but many of the ice cream flavors are OU.

Takeout window with vegetarian food (not kosher, no supervision)

On Uber Eats, Grubhub, and Doordash

Large, newly renovated Kroger with a small kosher section (no cheeses or meats other than Cabot and Hebrew National)

Main (Undergraduate) Campus

Kosher Restaurants with Supervision Outside Clifton

  • Sha'arei Torah is the modern Orthodox synagogue in town--the link is to their site.

Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurants Outside Clifton (Not Kosher, No Supervision)

Miscellaneous Info for Those New in Town