Overview of Lab

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Welcome to the laboratory of Dr. Matthew Beckman.  Along with a cadre of undergraduate students here at Augsburg College I study the neural mechanism of movement in Daphnia magna (see picture above).  We employ genetics, developmental, pharmacological, and behavioral studies.  Our main interest at the present time is determining the neurochemical basis for Daphnia magna's movement.  We have developed high-speed video recording methods to capture movies of Daphnia in 2D and 3D.  We use some freely available tracking software (CTRAX, LSRtrack, and TRACKER) as well as some scripts we have created to analyze Daphnia movement. 

The work in the lab is driven by undergraduate students who work during the summer (URGO, McNAIR, LSAMP/STEM, Cargill) or during the semester as work study students.  It is also possible to take a 0.5 credit directed research course.  Interested students should contact Dr. Beckman, beckmanm@augsburg.edu

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