Current Group:

TLB, Ayse Arslanargin (grad), Blake Baird (grad), Travis Pollard (grad), Zhihong Chen (grad), Yu Shi (grad), Zohre Gorunmez (grad), Jennifer Hoffman (grad), August Powers (grad)

Also photos of previous high school students: Ravi Sheth (high school), Shivam Shah (high school)



Blake Baird (chemistry grad student)

Ayse Arslanargin (physics grad student)

Yu Shi (physics grad student)

Travis Pollard (chemistry grad student)

Zhihong Chen (physics grad student)

Zohre Gorunmez (physics grad)

Gus Powers (chem grad)

Jennifer Hoffman (chem grad)

Shivam Shah (high school student)

Ravi Sheth (high school student, headed to Rice University in fall 2011)

This announcement from the UC Chem webpage:

Ravi Sheth, a high school student at Sycamore High School, has been working on a research project in Dr. Beck's lab.  He is studying the temperature-dependent behavior of the gramicidin channel for possible application in fuel cells.  He competed in the UC-sponsored science fair (UCSEE) along with 400 other students from 39 schools.  He was chosen as one of the top two individuals (and one team) to go on to San Jose, CA, for an all-expenses-paid trip to the Intel International Science Fair.  He also won a $100 prize from the local section of the ACS, $250 from the UC Dept of Chemistry biochem division, and a $5000 UC scholarship. 
The Intel science fair is the largest pre-college research competition in the world, with 1200 kids from around the world, more than $3 million in awards, and a Nobel Laureate panel.  More info on the science fair can be found at 
Ravi's project is titled: Molecular dynamics simulations of gramicidin A at extreme temperatures.
Ravi has gone on to study bioengineering at Rice University in Houston, TX.  He was notified in late March, 2013, that he will receive a Goldwater Scholarship.  This is the most prestigious undergraduate science scholarship in the country!

Recent members:

  • David Rogers (postdoc at Sandia Natl Labs with Susan Rempe). David was one of 19 graduate students (out of over 400 applicants) that received a prestigious DOE Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship that supported him fully during his graduate work.

  • Zhen Zhao (postdoc at Penn State with Linghao Zhong)

Past members:

  • High school: David Fieno (1993-4, national science fair award winner)

  • Undergrads: Emily Cukier (REU, 2002), Sherry Mori (REU, 2003), David Rogers, Elijah Gregory (REU, 2005), Nathaniel Musin (2006), Michael Munchel (2008), Kevin Kerian (REU 2009).

  • Grad students: Steven Klatte, Ph.D. (1995), Michael Merrick, Ph.D. (1996), Zhongming Zhang, Ph.D. (1996), Nobunaka Matsuno, Ph.D. (2003), Jason Clohecy, Nimal Wijesekera (2004), Uma Mahankali (2006), Manori Jayasinghe (2007), Roman Petrenko, Philip Durham

  • Postdocs: Thomas Marchioro (1989-91), Karthik Iyer (1993-5), Anping Liu (1994-6), Jian Wang (1998), Guogang Feng (2002-2006), Zhifeng Kuang (2002-2006), Jian Yin (2002-2005), Dov Bai (2003), Nimal Wijesekera (2004-6), Zhen Zhao (2008-9).