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This is the homepage of the research group of Thomas L. Beck in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0172. 

We work in the areas of theoretical and computational chemistry.  Our research concerns the biophysics of ion channels, fundamental theory for ions in aqueous biological environments and non-aqueous solvents, and development of novel computational methods for electronic structure calculations.  Please see the links to the left for further info.

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What we study 

1) Ion channel biophysics: how do these amazing proteins select for certain ions, and what pathways do the ions follow through the channels?
2) Ion specificity: there are a wide range of solvation effects that depend on the identity of the ions.  We are trying to understand the underlying origins of these specific ion (Hofmeister) effects.
3) Ions in nonaqueous solvents:  there has been less work directed at understanding ion solvation in nonaqueous solvents such as ethylene carbonate and propylene carbonate, relative to aqueous solutions.  These solvents are used in Li ion batteries and modern supercapacitors for energy storage.
4) Computational methods: We maintain an interest in developing novel methods for electronic structure using multiscale techniques and Monte Carlo methods.

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