A western harvest field by moonlight10"1994USAFingerpaint 0Repressing  
A western harvest field by moonlight10"1994USAFingerpaint 03000 made. Comes with fingerpainting and red sticker
Discobox10"1996ECGEF BECK 1Promo
Beck - Super rare! Vol 112"????JAPAE 23673/4Nice rare japanese 12" promo instore sampler with lots of misspellings (
Beck - Super rare! Vol 212"????JAPAE 24327/8Rare japanese 12" promo instore sampler. Lots of songs and includes Ja
Cell phone's dead (Beard rocks)12"2007UKMoustache 01Promo. Split 12" with White Stripes. Says: Beck - Phone's dead - re edit
Defriended12"2013USA?FF-02Number two in a three part release on fonograf
Devils Haircut12"1996USADGC12-22222Says "Specially-priced Maxi-Single" on the cover. S1: DGC12-22222-A-
E-pro remixes (Venom confection)12"2005USAB0004457-11Sealed copy.
Hell yes (ghettochip malfunction)12"2005USAINTR-11325-1Promo.
I won't be long12"2013USA?FF-01First in a three part 12" release
Jack-ass12"1997USADGC12-22303Side 1: DGC 22303 A GL 1. Side 2: DGC 22303 B GL 1 Gateway Lec
Loser12"1994USAPRO-A-4629Promo. White cover with red sticker.
Loser12"1994USABL 5Repressing. L-48565
Loser12"1994USABL 5First pressing. L-41077. 500 made. 
Loser12"1994 (2000)USABL 5Pressing on red vinyl in the year 2000. 1000 made. 
Mixed Bizness12"2000UKMIXBIZ1Promo.
Mixed Bizness12"2000USA694972721Black cover with sticker
Mixed Bizness12"2000ITAMR 11-00Italian version with misprint, "Midnite Voltures" on the back
Mixed Bizness (Beck versus die fantastischen vier)12"2000GERBECK 001Black cover with orange sticker. No label information.
Pay no mind12"1994UKGFST 73-ARare and deleted 12". No promo sticker. 
Sexxlaws12"1999USAC694971751On clear vinyl.
Sexxlaws12"1999UKINT8P-6726Promo. Black vinyl. 
The new pollution12"1997USADGC12-22300
Where it's at12"1996USADGC12-22214
Where it's at12"1996USAPRO-A-4875White cover
Where it's at12"1996UKGFST 22156
Black Tambourine12”2005Beckvp3Cool picture disc with little info
Cell phone's dead12”2007UK  O201White label promo
Frontin on debra12”2004EU  BECKVP5Mash-up with jay-z and pharell
Hell yes (ghettochip malfunction)12”2005USA?INTR-11325-1White label promo
Loser  12”1994HOLGET 21890Dutch loser pressing. Pretty hard to come by. 
Sexxlaws12”1999UK  SEXX 1UK promo. Normal artwork.
Sexxlaws12”1999USA 694971761Sold through the beckdirect store. Only 1000 made. On clear vinyl. 
Sexxlaws12”1999UK  497210-1Promo with black cover and no artwork.
The new pollution12”1997ITAZAC 148Italian 12”. Black cover with red sticker on it. 
Where it's at12”1997USAUM 60Ultimix 60 promo with two other songs (Get your groove on och Don't yo
Where it's at12”1996HOLGET 22161Made in Holland. Rare 12” version of this single.
Where it's at12”1996ITAZAC 096Rare italian 12”!! 
The information (Deluxe vinyl)4xLP+10”2008USA BTI0001 Super deluxe The information box! Comes with special Beck colour mark
Caspar and Mollusk7"1995USACOS 002Yellow vinyl. Comes with blue insert (1st version)
Cell phone's dead7"2006EU/UK1709487Comes with sticker sheet
Cell phone's dead (Aphids on the lettuce)7"2007USAtr-007Promo. Mashup: Cellphone's dead with KRS-song and Hollywood Freak
Deadweight7"1997UKGFS 22293
Devils Haircut7"1996UKGFS-22183Limited to 1500
Diamond bollocks7"1997USABL40Came with Mutations LP.
E-pro7"2005UK9880053Limited edition picture disc
Girl7"2005UK9882471Limited edition picture disc
Hell yes  7"2005UK9889111Numbered (1410/2500). Comes with Guerolito sticker.
It's all in your mind7"1994USAIPU 45Dark brown vinyl. Orange label with silver writing. 
It's all in your mind7"1994USAIPU 45Black vinyl. Orange label with blue writing. 
It's all in your mind7"1995USAIPU 45Dark brown vinyl. Orange label with blue writing
Jabberjaw no 27"1994USAMR00781500 + 500 copies made. 
Jabberjaw no 27"1994USAMR00781500 + 500 copies made. Different matrix. Side B: MR0078-7-B-REI
Looking for a sign7"2012AUSFF-LP 003Australian 7" single made for tour 2012.
Loser7"1994UKGFS 67 (A (ocJukebox 7". Info printed into the vinyl. Loser on both sides.
Loser7"1994UKGFS 671500 made. 
Loser7"1994USADGCS7-1927Jukebox 7". Blue paper cover with DGC-logo.
Loser7"1994ITAPR 006Split jukebox 7". Loser on one side, I need your love (Boston) on the oth
Mixed Bizness7"2000UK497312-71500 copies made. Gatefold cover. 
Mixed Bizness (Beck vs. AC/DC)7"????????ek. 010Unofficial bootleg. Mashup of Mixed Bizness and Highway to Hell
MTV makes me wanna smoke crack7"1993USAFLIP 46Split with Bean. Blue vinyl. 1000 made. Both covers. 
Pay no mind7"1994HOLGES 19223Rare dutch version!
Pay no mind7"1994UKGFS 73Rarest 7" ever released by Beck!!!! Withdrawn UK version. 
Sexxlaws7"1999UK497182-7Picture vinyl. 1500 made.
Sissyneck7"1997UKGFS 22253Rare jukebox version. Comes in white sleeve. 
Sissyneck7"1997UKGFS 222531500 copies made.  
Steve threw up7"1994USABL 11First pressing on black vinyl 
Steve threw up 7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Grey vinyl 936/1000. With Beck sticker.
Steve threw up7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Brown/orange vinyl. 602/1000 (697 and 916/1000)
Steve threw up7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Light green/turquoise vinyl 313/1000. With Beck sticker
Steve threw up7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Green/turquoise vinyl 256/1000. With Beck sticker
The new pollution7"1997UKGFS-222051500 copies made. 
Tropicalia7"1998UKGFS 22365
We are bacteria7"1995USAHB019Rarest beck release ever!!?? 100 copies made on Honey Bear label. 
Jack-ass7" x 21997UKGFS-22276Double 7" in foldout sleeve
American car7”2000USA 7” flexidisc that came with Glue magazine in 2000. Beck has guest spot
Caspar and Mollusk7”2005USACOS 002Test pressing!!! Black vinyl. Sticker on vinyl says: Date, Record No. And
Chemtrails7”2008UK XLS 370UK version on white vinyl. B-side: Vampire voltage no.6
Chemtrails7”2008USA INTR-12470-7US promo on black vinyl.B-side: Vampire voltage no.6
Gamma ray7”2008UK XLS 377BUK version on white vinyl. B-side: Gamma ray (jay reatard version). 750
Gamma ray7”2008UK XLS 377AUK version on white vinyl.B-side: Bonfire blondes. 750 made?
Gamma ray7”2008USAB0012114-21On black vinyl. B-side: Bonfire blondes
Gamma ray7”2008USAB0012115-21On black vinyl. B-side: Gamma ray (jay reatard version)
Green light7”2009USA OLE 865-7Split 7” with Sonic Youth. 2500 made. On black vinyl.
Green light7”2009USA OLE 965-7Green version! Only 100 made. 27/100.
I just started hating some people today7”2012USA TMR128Tri-coloured vinyl. Only 150 copies made!
I just started hating some people today7”2012USA   TMR128
Leopard-skin pill box hat7”2009EU  244 0757Beck covers Dylan track. In white sleeve. 
Let's get lost7”2011UK R6841Record store day release. 500 made.
Loser  7”1994USA  DGSC7-1927Jukebox 7”. Loser/Alcohol. White cover. Comes with jukebox strip.
MTV makes me wanna smoke crack7”1993USA  FLIP 46Split with Bean. Extremely rare clear vinyl! Both covers. 
Sexxlaws7”1999ITAAS 5001096Super rare Italian jukebox 7” split with Mucho mambo sway on the other
Steve threw up7”1994 (2000)USA BL 11Repress. Brown vinyl 36/1000. No beck sticker.
Steve threw up7”1994 (2000)USA   BL 11Repress. Rare purple vinyl. 291/1000
Sunday morning7”2009USA R-21755First Record Club release! Came free with ordering special OFITG-delux
The new pollution/El talisman  7”1996ITAUMD 77519Rare italian jukebox 7”. Split with El Talisman by Rosana on side A.
Tropicalia/Malibu7”1998ITAUMD 77079Rare italian jukebox split! Has Malibu by Hole on the A-side. 
7”2008UK XLS 402UK version on white vinyl.

Mellow GoldLP1994USABL 12L-48565. "The mother load". Alternative verion of Pay no mind. First pres
Mellow GoldLP1994USABL 12L-48565. "The mother load". Alternative verion of Pay no mind. Repressi
Mellow GoldLP1994 (1999)UKSVLP 0044Limited edition on 180 gr vinyl! Different artwork on back sleeve. Comes
Mellow GoldLP2014UKGEF 24634Repress on black vinyl
Mellow GoldLP2014UKGEF 24634Repress on yellow vinyl
Mellow GoldLP2014UKGEF 24634Repress on red vinyl. 
Midnite VulturesLP1999USABL 46Fold out sleeve. 180 gram vinyl. 
Modern guiltLP2008USA B0011630-01US vinyl version
Morning phaseLP2014USAB001983901US vinyl
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Unofficial relase on red vinyl
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Unofficial repress on green vinyl
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Repress on black vinyl
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Unofficial release on blue vinyl
OdelayLP1996USABL 30180 gram vinyl 
Odelay  LP1996UK SVLP 0051Test pressing with white label and full artwork!
One foot in the graveLP1994USAKLP 28
Mellow GoldLP  1994USA BL 12Limited edition on gold/yellow vinyl!
Mellow GoldLP  1994 (1999)UK  SVLP 0044Test pressing!! White cover which says ”Test pressing”, ”Mellow Gold” an
Modern guiltLP  2008UK XLLP369UK vinyl version
Mellow GoldLP   1994FRAGEF 24634French vinyl. Different artwork on the back, no oranges....
GueroLP x 22005UK 9864087Double LP
GueroLP x 22005USAB0003546-01 Double LP
GuerolitoLP x 22005USAB0005650-01Double LP. Sealed copy.
One foot in the grave – deluxeLP x 21994 (2009)UK XLLP 443
One foot in the grave – deluxeLP x 21994 (2009)USA B0012829-01Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. 
Sea ChangeLP x 22002USAB0004372-01Double vinyl.
Song readerLP x 22014US602537947621Sealed copy. Double vinyl
Stereopathetic SoulmanureLP x 21994USAFLIP 660Double vinyl. 
Odelay (deluxe version)LP x 41996 (2008)USA   ORG 010Great deluxe package with 180g vinyl! 3000 made. 2183/3000
MutationsLP+7"1998USABL 39 + BL 40180 gram vinyl. Comes with bonus 7", Diamond bollocks

The Geraldine Fibbers10"1994USASFTRI 314Includes Blue cross with Beck.
Sexy Boy . Air10”1998EU  VISA 8234Nice 10” with ”I love Beck” on the front... Includes Sex kino mix by beck. 
Beck: Breaks and beats12”2006USAtr-005By Panzah Zandahz. Limited 500.
Elektro loser/Beck vs The elektrik haze12”2006UKEHEL01Remixes of beck songs
Nardwuar The Human Serviette12”1995CANCLEO 8Includes interview with beck. Comes with cd inside. 
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKWith rare misprint on the sticker "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (Y
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKXLS 320ABlack vinyl. Beck contributes on: It's my fault for being famous. Recorded
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKXLS 320BWhite vinyl. Beck contributes on: Honey, we can't afford to look this chea
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKXLS 320CRed vinyl. Recorded in Beck's living room
Dr. Dog - the girl7"2007USAPTV 20Beck remix of The girl
Lane Discipline (Diskothi Q)7"1995USAXMAS 009Has cover of Heartland Feeling
Asshole7”1995USA  HB018J church single. Cover of Beck's Asshole.
Conquista – White stripes7”2008SPAXLS 327Spanish version. Recorded in Beck's living room
Merry Christmas7”2003USAES7 68540Pearl Jam fanclub christmas 7”. Beck contributes to Sleepless nights
Sunset sound session7”2010USA        7-523794Record store 7”, USA-release, 2500 made
Sunset sound session7”2010FRABEC5772645Record store 7”, UK-release, 2500 or 400 made