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3 time Brit Award winnerCDM2000UKBECK SAMPPromo in with pink inlay. 8 songs! 
5 clips de novel artistDVD2006FRAPromo with videos that plays on the computer. 
A brief overviewCD2005UKBECK2Promo. UK version.13 songs, includes Girl.
A brief overviewCD  2005USA   INTR-11354-2Promo. US version.12 songs.
A western harvest field by moonlight10"1994USAFingerpaint 0Repressing  
A western harvest field by moonlight10"1994USAFingerpaint 03000 made. Comes with fingerpainting and red sticker
AAA samplerCDM1994USAPRO-CD-465Promo. 5 songs from Mellow Gold. 
Album sampler (Guerolito)CDM2005UKGUEROLITO1Promo. 4 songs from Guerolito
Album sampler (Midnite vultures)CS1999EUBECK1Promo. "Snippets...". Paper cover. 45 sec from 4 songs. 
Album sampler (Sea change)CDM2002USAINTR-10820-2Promo. 4 songs. Lists tour dates. 
Album sampler (Sea change)CDM2002????????Promo. No inlays. 5 songs. KN118T0815680. CD-R?
Album sampler (Sea change)CDM2002FRAFrench promo. Says BECK and has 5 songs from Sea change. 
Album sampler (The information)CDM2006EU/UKINFO1Promo. Cardboard sleeve.
American car7”2000USA 7” flexidisc that came with Glue magazine in 2000. Beck has guest spot on this song. 
Beck  CDM????JAP Super rare japanese promo cd with black and white artwork. Contains 15 songs.
BeckCDM2000USA694908672Limited edition sold through 4533/10000. Enhanced cd. Sealed copy.
Beck - Super rare! Vol 112"????JAPAE 23673/4Nice rare japanese 12" promo instore sampler with lots of misspellings (Diamondin the sleaze, Salt in the wind...) and rare songs like Sin City with Emmylou Harris.
Beck - Super rare! Vol 212"????JAPAE 24327/8Rare japanese 12" promo instore sampler. Lots of songs and includes Jack Ass (orchestral)!
Beck and DavaCS1990USACopy of the Beck and Dava cassette
Beck Cologne, E-werkCD1999EUBE-181199Bootleg, concert in Köln 18/11 1999
Beck: The lowdownCDx2 2008UK SXYCD036Some kind of biography with interviews...
Beck, like the beerCSUSA  Demo cassette. This is a copy of what seems to be a longer demo tape. New information on this tape unearthed in 2010. 
BeercanCDM1994AUSGEFDM 2193Cardsleeve. 
BeercanCDM1994FRAGED 21939
BeercanCDM1994USADGCDM-2200Has "promotional" written on the disc
BeercanCS1994NZGEC 21939Rare cassette from New Zeeland
Bek's a loserCS????USA Beck/Loser demo cassette. Contains 12 Loser songs.Has black & white cover with Darth Vader mask
Beutiful wayCDM2000CD-R promo. No info on production year or country. 
Black Tambourine12”2005Beckvp3Cool picture disc with little info
Blue moonCDM2014Blue moon promo
Caspar and Mollusk7”2005USACOS 002Test pressing!!! Black vinyl. Sticker on vinyl says: Date, Record No. And Test pressing. No flyer. 
Caspar and Mollusk7"1995USACOS 002Yellow vinyl. Comes with blue insert (1st version)
Cell phone's dead12”2007UK  O201White label promo
Cell phone's dead7"2006EU/UK1709487Comes with sticker sheet
Cell phone's deadCDM2006UKCELL1Promo
Cell phone's dead (Aphids on the lettuce)7"2007USAtr-007Promo. Mashup: Cellphone's dead with KRS-song and Hollywood Freaks with Kool Keth song.
Cell phone's dead (Beard rocks)12"2007UKMoustache 01Promo. Split 12" with White Stripes. Says: Beck - Phone's dead - re edit
Chemtrails7”2008UK XLS 370UK version on white vinyl. B-side: Vampire voltage no.6
Chemtrails7”2008USA INTR-12470-7US promo on black vinyl.B-side: Vampire voltage no.6
ChemtrailsCDM2008UK????Early chemtrails promo from XL recordings. Comes in brown cardsleeve with no artwork
ChemtrailsCDM  2008HOL??-Chemtrails promo with same artwork as 7”
ClockCDM1997UKCame with Select Magazine dec 1997
Cold brainsCDM1998USAINT5P-6561Sealed.
Cold brainsCDM1998AUSINTDM-97093
Deadweight7"1997UKGFS 22293
DeadweightCDM1997USAPrcd 7710-2Promo. No inlays, just the cd in an otherwise empty case
DeadweightCDM1997USAPrcd 7637-2
DeadweightCDM1997UKGFSTD 22293Comes with white insert to fill out for more info on Beck
DeadweightCDM1997UKWGFSTD 222Promo in yellow cardsleeve with white text, impossible to read…
DeadweightCDM1997SWEBECKCDJ1Swedish promo. Has a big red heart on the front. 
DeadweightCDM1997FRA3703Promo in cardsleeve. Picture from of Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz on the front. 
DeadweightCS1997UKGFSC 22293In cardboard slip
Defriended12"2013USA?FF-02Number two in a three part release on fonograf
Devils Haircut12"1996USADGC12-22222Says "Specially-priced Maxi-Single" on the cover. S1: DGC12-22222-A-GL3. S2: DGC12-22222-A-GL1. 
Devils Haircut7"1996UKGFS-22183Limited to 1500
Devils HaircutCDM1996UKGFSTD 22183Part 1 of 2.
Devils HaircutCDM1996UKNoel gallagher remix. Gold cd-r. 
Devils HaircutCDM1996JAPMVCG-13026Has lyrics to Devils Haircut on the inside of the inlay. Different artwork on cd and front inlay.
Devils HaircutCDM1996USAPRO-CD-106Devils Haircut aka ”Groovy sunday”.
Devils HaircutCDM1996UKBECK 1Promo with no artwork. 
Devils HaircutCDM1996UKGFSXD 2218Part 2 of 2.
Devils HaircutCDM1996EC (GER?)GED 22179Cardsleeve.  
Devils HaircutCDM1996AUSGEFDM-2217Cardsleeve. Misprint on cover (GEFDM-2217). Comes with green insert. 
Devils HaircutCDM1996HOLGED-22175
Devils HaircutCDM 1996USA   PRO-CD-101Promo with full artwork. 
Devils HaircutCS1996USAPromo. No 22/??. Says "Remixes by Noel Gallagher". Neither of these two versions are the one found on the Devils Haircut single…
Diamond bollocks7"1997USABL40Came with Mutations LP.
Discobox10"1996ECGEF BECK 1Promo
Don't get bent out of shapeCS1992USA Beck demo cassette from 1992! Has Beck (?) handwriting on the inside of the cover.
E-pro7"2005UK9880053Limited edition picture disc
E-proCDM2005EU (JAP)BECKCDP1Comes with japanese promo sticker
E-proCDM2005FRA10632French promo. Cardsleeve. Radio edit version.
E-pro  CDM2005USA Promo with black and white artwork. 2 versions of E-pro, album and radio edit
E-proCDM2005GER9880052Comes with E-pro as cd-rom video
E-pro (signed by beck!)CDM2005USAINTR-11234-2Promo cd with Beck's autograph on it!!!!
E-pro remixes (Venom confection)12"2005USAB0004457-11Sealed copy.
Eclectic gueroCD2005GERAEP2005405Bootleg. Live from Morning becomes eclectic and The Echo in Los Angeles
Fresh meat and old slabsCS1993USABeck demo cassette from 1993. Has beck's (?) phone number on the cassette...
Frontin on debraCDM2004USA Promo. 
Frontin on debra12”2004EU  BECKVP5Mash-up with jay-z and pharell
Gamma ray7”2008UK XLS 377BUK version on white vinyl. B-side: Gamma ray (jay reatard version). 750 made?
Gamma ray7”2008UK XLS 377AUK version on white vinyl.B-side: Bonfire blondes. 750 made?
Gamma ray7”2008USAB0012114-21On black vinyl. B-side: Bonfire blondes
Gamma ray7”2008USAB0012115-21On black vinyl. B-side: Gamma ray (jay reatard version)
Gamma rayCDM2008USAINTR-12462-2
Gamma rayCDM2008UK UK? promo in brown card sleeve
Girl7"2005UK9882471Limited edition picture disc
GirlCDM2005GER9882469Comes with Girl as cd-rom video
GirlCDM2005FRA10734French promo. Has misspelling: Mikes Simpson
Golden feelingsCD1999USASE 0022000 copies made. Matrix: AD/CA 40104 2 7 <10091> SE 002
Golden feelingsCS1993USAOriginal cassette! See through cassette with white sticker and gold letters. Comes with green insert, "everything in this box is false" 
Green light7”2009USA OLE 865-7Split 7” with Sonic Youth. 2500 made. On black vinyl.
Green light7”2009USA OLE 965-7Green version! Only 100 made. 27/100.
Guero CD 2005USA?384Promo version. No artwork. Big FBI-warning on the cd...
GueroCD2005USAB0003481-02Sealed copy.
Guero CD 2005THAPG-0038Thailand version. Different artwork, no text on the inlay, only pictures...
GueroCD2005JAPUICF-10353 bonus tracks. Insert with misspelling, Clap Hands is called Crap hands… With obi strip.
GueroCD2005MALB0003481-02Made in Malaysia. Bonus track.
GueroCD2005JAPUICO-9602Low price version. 3 bonus tracks. Insert with misspelling, Clap Hands is called Crap hands… With obi strip.
GueroCD2005BRA9880287 (AABrazilian version. AA3000 = First pressing, 3000 made
GueroCD2005UK9880288Special edition with 2 bonus tracks
GueroCD 2005GER9880287With bonus track.
GueroCD+ CDM2005JAPUICF-9013/43 bonus tracks. Extra 6-track cd. Insert with misspelling, Clap Hands is called Crap hands… With obi strip. 
GueroCD+DVD2005EU98640302 (9880774 - cd, 98807743 - dvd)
GueroLP x 22005UK 9864087Double LP
GueroLP x 22005USAB0003546-01 Double LP
GueroUMD2005EU  602498877029Made for PSP. Comes with bonus tracks and videos.
GuerolitoCD 2005JAPUICF-1063Japanese version with obi strip. 
GuerolitoCD2005UK98888582Digipack. 2 bonustracks. Sealed copy.
GuerolitoLP x 22005USAB0005650-01Double LP. Sealed copy.
Heart is a drumCDM2014USA
He's a peachCD  2000BCD 270300Bootleg. Concert in Holland -(00) and Germany (-99). 
Healing - Are U positiveCS1992??USAOriginal 4-track recording by Beck!!!! One of a kind… 6 songs. Has cover art with picture of a young Beck in a straw hat and a guitar.
Hell yesCDM2005EU (UK?)HELLYES 1Promo. 
Hell yes  7"2005UK9889111Numbered (1410/2500). Comes with Guerolito sticker.
Hell yes (gameboy variations)CD  2005USA INTR-11348-2Promo. Same artwork as on the Ghettochip malfunction 12”
Hell yes (ghettochip malfunction)12”2005USA?INTR-11325-1White label promo
Hell yes (ghettochip malfunction)12"2005USAINTR-11325-1Promo.
I just started hating some people today7”2012USA TMR128Tri-coloured vinyl. Only 150 copies made!
I just started hating some people today7”2012USA   TMR128
I won't be long12"2013USA?FF-01First in a three part 12" release
I'm a schmoozer babyCD1994USAHR5995-8Bootleg. Concert in Boston, october 1994
It's all in your mind7"1994USAIPU 45Dark brown vinyl. Orange label with silver writing. 
It's all in your mind7"1994USAIPU 45Black vinyl. Orange label with blue writing. 
It's all in your mind7"1995USAIPU 45Dark brown vinyl. Orange label with blue writing
Jabberjaw no 27"1994USAMR00781500 + 500 copies made. 
Jabberjaw no 27"1994USAMR00781500 + 500 copies made. Different matrix. Side B: MR0078-7-B-REI
Jack-ass12"1997USADGC12-22303Side 1: DGC 22303 A GL 1. Side 2: DGC 22303 B GL 1 Gateway Lec
Jack-ass7" x 21997UKGFS-22276Double 7" in foldout sleeve
Jack-assCDM1997USAPRO-CD-1107Promo in white cardsleeve
Jack-assCDM1997UKGFSTD 22276In cardboard foldout sleeve
Jack-assCDM1997USAPromotional copy on gold disc with four verisons of Jack-ass
Jack-assCDM1997EUGED 22265
Jack-ass & and other unreleased tracksCS1997USA    Super rare promo cassette!! Same tracks as on GFSTD 22276. No 52/??
Kill any/all SPIN personnelCS2001USA This is a live improv noise show, performed by Thurston Moore, Tom Surgal and Beck. The show happened in 1998.
Leopard-skin pill box hat7”2009EU  244 0757Beck covers Dylan track. In white sleeve. 
Live in San FransciscoCDM2002FRA1032Promo with 3 sea change songs live. Made for PC. Cardsleeve (sea change cover)
Let's get lost7”2011UK R6841Record store day release. 500 made.
Looking for a sign7"2012AUSFF-LP 003Australian 7" single made for tour 2012.
Loser12"1994USAPRO-A-4629Promo. White cover with red sticker.
Loser12"1994USABL 5Repressing. L-48565
Loser12"1994USABL 5First pressing. L-41077. 500 made. 
Loser12"1994 (2000)USABL 5Pressing on red vinyl in the year 2000. 1000 made. 
Loser7"1994UKGFS 67 (A (ocJukebox 7". Info printed into the vinyl. Loser on both sides.
Loser7"1994UKGFS 671500 made. 
Loser  7”1994USA  DGSC7-1927Jukebox 7”. Loser/Alcohol. White cover. Comes with jukebox strip.
Loser7"1994USADGCS7-1927Jukebox 7". Blue paper cover with DGC-logo.
Loser7"1994ITAPR 006Split jukebox 7". Loser on one side, I need your love (Boston) on the other...
LoserCDM1994UKGFSTD 67
LoserCDM1994USAPRO-CD-461Promo. Same cover, back and cd artwork as non-promo versions. 
LoserCDM1994AUSGEFDM 2189Cardsleeve
LoserCDM1994FRAGED 21905French version in cardsleeve.
LoserCDM1994GERGED 21891
LoserCDM1994JAPMVCG-13016With obi strip.
LoserCS1994UKGFSC 67
LoserCS1994NZGEFCS-1921Says ”Printed in Australasia” on the cassette.
LoserCS1994AUSGEFCS-1921In cardsleeve
Loser  12”1994HOLGET 21890Dutch loser pressing. Pretty hard to come by. 
Loser bootlegCD1996????KISS 031Bootleg. Concert i Paris, november 29th, 1996
Loser die twiceCS????USA Loser/Beck demo cassette. Contains 7 Loser songs. Black & white picture of Beck. Has phone number on the cassette. 
Loser/Mr.Jones  CDM1994MEXCDXRare and interesting mexican promo. Cardsleeve with brick-artwork.Contains Loser and Mr. Jones 
Lost causeCDM2002UKSEA003  Promo.
Lost causeCDM2002EUBECKCDP1Promo. 
Lost causeCDM2002FRAsea003 (8973Promo. Cardsleeve.
Lost causeCDM2002GERLC 04909Promo. Cardsleeve. Jeans cover…
Lost causeCDM2002JAPSio-1057
Lost causeCDM2002AUSBECKPRO802
Maximum BeckCD2000UKABCD 046Bootleg. Interview with beck.
Mellow GoldCD1994USADGCD 24634
Mellow GoldCD1994USADGCD-24706"Clean" version. Pay no mind is listed with alternative track time (3:15)
Mellow GoldCD1994GERGED 24634 (BECK is in purple instead of blue on the back and side of the cover...
Mellow GoldCD1994 (2006)JAPUICY-6150Japanes repressing. With obi strip.
Mellow GoldCD1994JAPMVCG-153Japanese first pressing. With obi strip. Sealed.
Mellow GoldCD 1994 (????)SKDR 8062South Korean version.  "Loaser"-sticker on front...
Mellow GoldCD1994FRAGED 24634
Mellow GoldCD1994AUSGEFD-24634
Mellow GoldCD1994 (2003)JAP UICY-2438Japanese repressing. With obi strip.
Mellow GoldCD+ CDM1994AUSGEFD-24634Australian tour edition with bonus cd.
Mellow Gold  CS1994JAP  MV-101 (MVCSuper rare japanese promo cassette. Blue insert with
Mellow Gold  CS1994ISRGEC 24634Israeli cassette
Mellow Gold   CS1994POLGEC 24634Polish cassette
Mellow GoldCS1994????Strange promo. Grey cover with alternative names of songs + analogue odyssey listed. Says ”GEFFEN AN MCA COMPANY”
Mellow Gold   CS1994THAGEFC 24632Thai cassette. Looks exactly like a US-cassette but with different catalogue number.
Mellow GoldCS1994FRAGEC 24634
Mellow GoldCS1994NZDGCC-24634 Rare cassette from New Zeeland
Mellow GoldCS1994USA 6232?Rare Mellow Gold DGC promo cassette. CrO2 tape. Lot's of alternative names of songs and long version of Pay no mind. 
Mellow GoldCS1994USADGCC-24634Sealed.
Mellow GoldLP1994USABL 12L-48565. "The mother load". Alternative verion of Pay no mind. First pressing with picture and text inlay.   
Mellow GoldLP1994USABL 12L-48565. "The mother load". Alternative verion of Pay no mind. Repressing. 
Mellow GoldLP1994 (1999)UKSVLP 0044Limited edition on 180 gr vinyl! Different artwork on back sleeve. Comes with inlay. 
Mellow GoldLP  1994USA BL 12Limited edition on gold/yellow vinyl!
Mellow GoldLP  1994 (1999)UK  SVLP 0044Test pressing!! White cover which says ”Test pressing”, ”Mellow Gold” and ”Beck”.
Mellow GoldLP2014UKGEF 24634Repress on black vinyl
Mellow GoldLP2014UKGEF 24634Repress on yellow vinyl
Mellow GoldLP2014UKGEF 24634Repress on red vinyl. 
Mellow GoldLP   1994FRAGEF 24634French vinyl. Different artwork on the back, no oranges....
Mellow Gold  CD     1994USA   DIPX 021767Promotional version of Mellow Gold (DGCD 24634). Has ”Promotional” stamped on the disc.
Mellow Gold (in-store play)CD  1994USA    PRO-CD-463In-store promo without naughty songs.
Midnite Vultures (+Mutations)CD2000EUGED 25184 (Midnite vultures and Mutations on the same cd. Artwork from Midnite vultures.
Midnite VulturesCD1999USA694904852
Midnite VulturesCD1999BRA60694905272Brazilian version.  
Midnite VulturesCD  1999FRAFrench promo. Broken train is called Out of Kontrol. Different artwork on front inlay.
Midnite VulturesCD1999GER490527-2
Midnite VulturesCD1999GER490485-2Digipack
Midnite VulturesCD1999????CD-R promo in black and white sleeve
Midnite VulturesCD1999GERPromo in white cardsleeve. Broken train is called Out of Kontrol. Says "Not final master". 
Midnite VulturesCD1999 (2003)JAPUICY-2441Japanese repressing. Comes with bonus track. With obi strip.
Midnite VulturesCD 1999JAP  MVCF-24060Japanese first pressing. Comes with bonus track. With obi strip.  
Midnite VulturesCS1999USA INT9P-6741Promo cassette. White cover with black writing.
Midnite VulturesCS1999TUR490527-4Turkish version
Midnite VulturesCS1999EU (GER?)490485-4
Midnite VulturesLP1999USABL 46Fold out sleeve. 180 gram vinyl. 
Mixed Bizness12"2000UKMIXBIZ1Promo.
Mixed Bizness12"2000USA694972721Black cover with sticker
Mixed Bizness12"2000ITAMR 11-00Italian version with misprint, "Midnite Voltures" on the back
Mixed Bizness7"2000UK497312-71500 copies made. Gatefold cover. 
Mixed BiznessCDM2000JAPMVCF-140027 tracks. With obi strip.
Mixed BiznessCDM2000GER497284-2Cardsleeve
Mixed BiznessCDM2000UK497301-2Cardsleeve, CD 2 of 2, Cd-rom video "Sexxlaws". Different artwork on cd
Mixed BiznessCDM2000USA6949727226 tracks.
Mixed BiznessCDM2000GER497315-24 remixes + Dirty Dirty
Mixed BiznessCDM2000UK497300-2Cardsleeve, CD 1 of 2, Cd-rom video "Mixed Bizness"
Mixed BiznessCDM2000UK497259-2Promo. Reviews from magazines on the front inlay.
Mixed BiznessCDM2000GER497285-2
Mixed BiznessCDM2000GERLC 07266Promo. Original cover art. Comes with insert from Motor with text about Beck in german. 
Mixed BiznessCDM2000AUS497285-2Cardsleeve. 
Mixed Bizness (Beck versus die fantastischen vier)12"2000GERBECK 001Black cover with orange sticker. No label information.
Mixed Bizness (Beck vs. AC/DC)7"????????ek. 010Unofficial bootleg. Mashup of Mixed Bizness and Highway to Hell
Modern guiltCDM 2008?Promo with little info. 
Modern guiltCD 2008UK XLCD369UK version  
Modern guiltCD  2008JAP B0011507-02JJapanese version. 
Modern guiltCD  2008AUS1775441Australian version  
Modern guiltCD  2008USA B0011507-02 US version
Modern guilt (zucca version)CD + DVD2009JAPB0011507-02Limited (3000) japanese version with bonus DVD and a special bag made by Zucca.
Modern guiltLP2008USA B0011630-01US vinyl version
Morning phaseLP2014USAB001983901US vinyl
Morning phaseCD2014JAPHSE60180Japan version first printing. Comes with obi strip
Morning phaseCD2014USAB001983802US version
Modern guiltLP  2008UK XLLP369UK vinyl version
MTV makes me wanna smoke crack7”1993USA  FLIP 46Split with Bean. Extremely rare clear vinyl! Both covers. 
MTV makes me wanna smoke crack7"1993USAFLIP 46Split with Bean. Blue vinyl. 1000 made. Both covers. 
MutationsCD1998CANDGCSD-2530Grey tray. Cd with black faces on grey background. Repressing.
MutationsCD1998JAPMVCF-24047Japanese first pressing. With obi strip. Sealed.
MutationsCD1998GERGED-25188Digipack. 4 bonus tracks. Says GED-25184 on the cd…
MutationsCD1998 (2005)UKRGED 25184 Ukrainian version. Says it was released in 1996… Misspellings like "Bottle off blues" and "Tropicalla"
MutationsCD1998EUGED-25184Made in?
MutationsCD1998GERGED 25184 (Grey tray. Two bonustracks
MutationsCD 1998USA10733Factory test pressing with different version of Canceled check, Bottle of blues and maybe more songs. Gold cd-r. 
MutationsCD 1998EU   GED 25184 CD-R promo in black and white sleeve. 
MutationsCD1998USADGCD-A-253Promo. Sealed copy.
MutationsCD1998 (2003)JAPUICY-2440Repressing. "Dull" cd. 3 bonus tracks. With obi strip.
MutationsCS1998TURGEC 25184Turkish version
MutationsCS1998UKGEC 25184
MutationsLP+7"1998USABL 39 + BL 40180 gram vinyl. Comes with bonus 7", Diamond bollocks
NauseaCDM2006USAINTR-11918-2Promo.No front or back inlay, just the cd.
Nausea + Cellphone is deadCDM 2006HOL nash promo 0Dutch promo in jewel case.
Nausea + Cellphone is deadCDM2006FRAFrench promo. Cardboard sleeve. Misspelling: Cellphone is dead. "CD-R 4P80LS52 1-2-2 0602020442- 72912"
New CollectionCD 2008RUSRare russian ”best of”-promo!
Nicotine and gravyCDM2000UKNICO1With cd-rom video
Nicotine and gravyCDM2000EUBECKPRO1Promo. Cd-rom video. Made in?
Nicotine and gravyCDM2000GER497389-2With cd-rom video
Nicotine and gravyCDM2000GER497398-2Cardsleeve
Nobody's fault but my ownCDM1999JAPMVCF-12015With obi strip.
Nobody's fault but my ownCDM1999USAINT5P-6560Black record and black back inlay. No front inlay.
O MeninaCDM2006USAINTR-11932-2Promo
Odelay (LP#2)CD1996?USA Super rare studio pressing!! Not final titles, not mastered, not final mixes, not final sequences! Album is called LP#2. Jack-ass is called Millius, Ramshackle is called Marty Robbins, Lord only knows is called Odelay...
Odelay  CD2006JAP?DIDX-032321Nice Japanese promo in slimeline jewel case
Odelay   CD2006USA B0011568-02Comes with Iron-on album cover!
Odelay  CD2006USADGCD-24823Promo. Promotional stamped on the disc. Same artwork as regular versions. 
OdelayCD 2006USADGCD-A-248Promo with ”Advance cd” stamped on the cd.
OdelayCD1996ARG/USAGED 24926"Industria Argentina" on the back. Hidden track: Clock
OdelayCD1996ECGED 24926Hidden bonustrack: Clock. Bue tray. Blue sticker on cd cover. Made in?
OdelayCD1996JAPMVCG-207Japanese first pressing. With obi strip. Sealed.
OdelayCD1996ECGED-24908Bonustrack: Discobox. Blue sticker on cd cover. Made in?
OdelayCD1996JAPMVCG-184Japanese first pressing (promo?). Comes with original artwork and sticker.
OdelayCD1996 (2003)JAPUICY-2439Repressing. White tray. With obi strip. 
OdelayCD x 21996AUSGEFD-24948Comes with bonus disc: Sissyneck single.
OdelayCS1996USADGCC-A-248Rare us promo. No 65/??. DH is called Electric music in the summer people. Minus is called Minus (Karaoke Bloodperm). Different versions of Novacane and Sissyneck!
OdelayCS1996FRAVery rare french promo cassette with different versions of Novacane and Sissyneck! White cover which says "O-de-lay". DH is called (and misspelled) Eleactric music in the summer people". Minus is called Minus (karaoke blooperm).
Odelay  CS1996GER  Rare german promo. DH is called Electric music in the summer people. Minus is called Minus (Karaoke Bloodperm). Chrome-tape. 
Odelay   CS1996????Promo with grey inlay. Minus is called Minus (karaoke bloodperm)
Odelay  CS1996INDDGCC-24823Rare indian cassette. Cropped artwork over green background in white deluxe case.
OdelayCS1996DUBGEFC-24908Produced by Xema/sidi in Dubai and made for the middle east. Same artwork as US-cassette
Odelay   CS1996NZGEC-24908New Zeeland cassette
Odelay   CS1996KORBMFGM-5097Korean cassette with different artwork. Devils haircut is called ”Electric music in the summer time”. Black cassette.
OdelayCS1996USADGCC-24823Has white area where barcode should be which says C 121411. Also the same numbers on the side. 
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Unofficial relase on red vinyl
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Unofficial repress on green vinyl
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Repress on black vinyl
OdelayLP2014UKBL 30Unofficial release on blue vinyl
OdelayLP1996USABL 30180 gram vinyl 
Odelay  LP1996UK SVLP 0051Test pressing with white label and full artwork!
Odelay (deluxe version)CD x 21996 (2008)UK White label. Says ”Restricted release watermarked!” and ”this cd belongs to 56...” :)
Odelay (deluxe version)CD x 21996 (2008)JAP UICY-7341/2Japanese version with Obi strip. Some misspellings on the cover...
Odelay (deluxe version)CD x 21996 (2008)USAB0010262-02Deluxe version of Odelay
Odelay (deluxe version)CD x 21996 (2008)EU602517506275Deluxe version of Odelay
Odelay (deluxe version)LP x 41996 (2008)USA   ORG 010Great deluxe package with 180g vinyl! 3000 made. 2183/3000
One foot in the graveCD1994USAKLP 28
One foot in the graveCD1994USAKLP 28Super rare misprint CD. Music on CD is Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball…
One foot in the graveCD1994AUSCTX039CDSuper rare withdrawn Australian version with 3 bonus tracks!!! Has over a minute of silence between Hollow log and Forcefield...
One foot in the graveCD  1994 (1996)JAP  RBFK-2019 Japanese first pressing. With obi strip. 3 bonus songs.
One foot in the graveCS1994USAKLP 28
One foot in the graveCS1994 (1996)JAPRBFK-2019Rare japanese promo! Has purple cover with songs written on it. 
One foot in the graveLP1994USAKLP 28
One foot in the grave  CD  1994 (2004)JAP  Epcd 006Reissue of OFITG japanese version.
One foot in the grave – deluxeCD1994 (2009)USA B0012829-02Digipack. 16 extra tracks...
One foot in the grave – deluxeCD     1994 (2009)UK  XLCD 443Promotional cd. Comes i paper sleeve with some artwork.
One foot in the grave – deluxeCD 1994 (2009)UK XLCD 443Digipack
One foot in the grave – deluxeCD  1994 (2009)JAP  HSE-70051Japanese version of OFITG-deluxe. Comes with different cover. 
One foot in the grave – deluxeLP x 21994 (2009)UK XLLP 443
One foot in the grave – deluxeLP x 21994 (2009)USA B0012829-01Pressed on 180 gram vinyl. 
OrphansCD2008USAOrphans promo. No sleeve. 
Pay no mind12"1994UKGFST 73-ARare and deleted 12". No promo sticker. 
Pay no mind7"1994HOLGES 19223Rare dutch version!
Pay no mind7"1994UKGFS 73Rarest 7" ever released by Beck!!!! Withdrawn UK version. 
Pay no mindCDM1994AUSGEFDM 21911
Pay no mindCDM1994JAPMVCG-13017With obi strip. Yellow background and red letters on cd.
Pay no mindCDM1994USAPRO-CD-463Promo
Pay no mindCDM1994GERGED 21911Red background and red letters on cd.
Pay no mindCDM1994UKGFSTD 73Blue background and black letters on cd. 
Pay no mindCS1994AUSGEFCS-1922Australian cassette single
Pulling up rootsCD1997EUBCD 9709165Bootleg, bizarre festival in Köln 1997
R-Marcel (Satan was way cool)CS1992??USAOriginal 4-track recording by Beck!!!!!!! 6 songs. Has cover art with picture of a young Beck in long hair.
Remix EP #1CDM2005USA  INTR-11504-2Promo. Guero remixes. Part 1.
Remix EP #2CDM2005USAINTR-11589-2Promo. Guero remixes. Part 2.
Salt in the woundCDM1999USAINT5P-6729Promo
Say goodbyeCDM2014???Promo 
Sea ChangeCD2002USAINTF-10821-2Promo with nice looking cover and cd! End of the day is called Nothing I haven't seen. 
Sea ChangeCD2002EU493393-2 (A)Pink cd
Sea Change CD     2002JAP UICF-1015 (AHidden bonustrack: ship in a bottle. Japanese signs on the cd. With obi strip.
Sea ChangeCD2002JAPUICF-1015 (DHidden bonustrack: Ship in a bottle. Purple cd (insert as version D). With obi strip
Sea ChangeCD2002????Suspicious promo... Black and white cover. End of the day is called Nothing I haven't seen. 
Sea ChangeCD2002EU493393-2 (C)Orange cd
Sea ChangeCD2002USAUDCD 78024 kt gold cd! Limited edition, no 692. 
Sea ChangeCD2002EU493393-2 (B)Lime green cd
Sea ChangeCD2002EU493393-2 (D)Blue cd
Sea ChangeCD2002 (2005)JAPUICY-90022Repressing 2005. Pink cd (insert as version A). With obi strip. 
Sea ChangeCS2002GER?Promo. Black cassette and Sea change like cover with song titles on insert. Different song titles, "Nothing I haven't seen yet" and "All in your mind".
Sea ChangeDVD2003USAB0001840-19Comes with videos to 6 of the songs on the album
Sea ChangeLP x 22002USAB0004372-01Double vinyl.
Sea Change CD     2002ARG 493393-2 Argentinian version. Same artwork as European version A
Senior citizenCS????USA Beck demo cassette. Contains 14 songs from the Beck and Dava session.
Sexxlaws12"1999USAC694971751On clear vinyl.
Sexxlaws12"1999UKINT8P-6726Promo. Black vinyl. 
Sexxlaws12”1999UK  SEXX 1UK promo. Normal artwork.
Sexxlaws12”1999USA 694971761Sold through the beckdirect store. Only 1000 made. On clear vinyl. 
Sexxlaws12”1999UK  497210-1Promo with black cover and no artwork.
Sexxlaws7”1999ITAAS 5001096Super rare Italian jukebox 7” split with Mucho mambo sway on the other side!
Sexxlaws7"1999UK497182-7Picture vinyl. 1500 made.
SexxlawsCDM1999SPA497172-2Spanish promo made in Madrid.
SexxlawsCDM1999????PRINCO??Weird promo with 8 (!) versions/mixes of Sexx laws. Misspelling on the cd "Sex laws"...
SexxlawsCDM1999UK497182-2Orange cd. 
SexxlawsCDM1999JAPMVCF 12016Japanese version with obi strip.
SexxlawsCDM1999MEXCDP 421-2Mexican promo with cool artwork
SexxlawsCDM1999SPABECK2Spanish promo
SexxlawsCDM1999GER497181-2Yellow cd. 
SexxlawsCDM1999USAINT5P-6702Grey cd and back inlay. No front inlay.
SexxlawsCDM2000UK497249-2Promo with Malibu remix edit
SexxlawsCDM  1999AUS497191-2Cardsleeve. 
SexxlawsCS1999UK497180-4In cardboard slip
Sissyneck7"1997UKGFS 22253Rare jukebox version. Comes in white sleeve. 
Sissyneck7"1997UKGFS 222531500 copies made.  
SissyneckCDM1997UK?WGFSTD 222Promo. Brown cardboard sleeve. With jack-ass donkey...
SissyneckCDM1997UKGFSTD 22253
SissyneckCS1997UKGFSC 22253
Sissyneck (Australian Tour edition)CDM1997AUSGEFDM 22310
Song readerLP x 22014US602537947621Sealed copy. Double vinyl
Song readerCD2014EU602537924813
Song readerBOOK2012Tab music with autograph from Beck
Stereopathetic SoulmanureCD1994 (1996)JAP  KKCP 100Somewhat rare japanese release of this cd. On King records. With Obi strip.
Stereopathetic SoulmanureCD1994USAFLIP 60Original release with bonus noise
Stereopathetic SoulmanureCD1994USA?FLIP 60Original release without bonus noise. CD is green metallic. Side is turqoise instead of green. Letters on the back are more white. 
Stereopathetic SoulmanureCD1994 (2000)USAFLIP 660Reissue. Distributed by Revolver. With bonus noise.
Stereopathetic SoulmanureLP x 21994USAFLIP 660Double vinyl. 
Steve threw up7"1994USABL 11First pressing on black vinyl 
Steve threw up7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Grey vinyl 936/1000. With Beck sticker.
Steve threw up7”1994 (2000)USA BL 11Repress. Brown vinyl 36/1000. No beck sticker.
Steve threw up7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Brown/orange vinyl. 602/1000 (697 and 916/1000)
Steve threw up7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Light green/turquoise vinyl 313/1000. With Beck sticker
Steve threw up7”1994 (2000)USA   BL 11Repress. Rare purple vinyl. 291/1000
Steve threw up7"1994 (2000)USABL 11Repress. Green/turquoise vinyl 256/1000. With Beck sticker
Stray bluesCD2000JAPMVCZ-10113No 62399. With obi strip.
Sunday morning7”2009USA R-21755First Record Club release! Came free with ordering special OFITG-deluxe release pack. 
The History Of BeckCS1994GERPromo. German version. Includes live performance from KCRW and a selection of his pre-geffen work. Says "Advance tape" next to song titles. 
The History Of BeckCS1994USA 6417?Promo. US version. CrO2 tape with white sticker on it. 72/??. 
The History Of BeckCS1994USAPromo. Different US version. Normal tape. Blue text on insert. 
The informationCD2006UK1707698Bonus tracks. Sticker sheet no 2.
The InformationCD+DVD2006USAB0007576-00  
The informationCD+DVD2006JAPUICF-9018Sealed copy.
The InformationCD+DVD2006CANB0007576-00Sticker sheet no 3.
The InformationCD+DVD2006GER517078291Sealed copy.
The information (Deluxe cd)CDx2+DVD2007USAB0008341-00All "sticker sheets". Cardboard package. 
The information (Deluxe vinyl)4xLP+10”2008USA BTI0001 Super deluxe The information box! Comes with special Beck colour markers...
The interview sessionsCD????UKCHATCD6Bootleg
The mutations conversationsCD1998USAPRO-CD-1235Promo
The new pollution12"1997USADGC12-22300
The new pollution12”1997ITAZAC 148Italian 12”. Black cover with red sticker on it. 
The new pollution7"1997UKGFS-222051500 copies made. 
The new pollutionCDM1997USAPRO-CD-108Promo
The new pollutionCDM1997USA PRO-CD-109Promo in white card sleeve.  
The new pollutionCDM1997UKGFSTD 22205CD 1/2
The new pollutionCDM1997UKGFSXD 2220CD 2/2
The new pollutionCDM1997EUGED 22204Made in?
The new pollutionCDM1997EUGED 22245Limited edition. No 1192. With 2 cd-rom videos. 
The new pollutionCDM1998AUSGEFDM 22204Cardsleeve
The new pollution and other favoritesCDM1997JAPMVCZ 100058 songs! With obi strip. Has sticker on the back wich says "SAMPLE 293647"
The new pollution/El talisman  7”1996ITAUMD 77519Rare italian jukebox 7”. Split with El Talisman by Rosana on side A.
Think i'm in loveCDM2006USAINTR-12008-2Promo. Cd in standard jewel case without inlay. 
TimebombCDM2007USA(SK62700636Promo. No artwork. 
Tokyo Japan 2000CDx22000????Live promo from japan tour 2000. 
Tropicalia7"1998UKGFS 22365
TropicaliaCDM1998AUSGEFDM 22365
TropicaliaCDM1998EC/SWE?GM-01/BECKPromo in white card sleeve. Has info sticker in swedish on the back..
TropicaliaCDM1998UKGFSTD-2236Different cd, silver writing on yellow background. 
TropicaliaCDM1998JAPMVCF-12013Sealed copy. Has sticker on obi strip which says "SAMPLE 335954"
TropicaliaCDM1998UK?WGFSTD 223Promo with BECK TROPICALIA written over the whole cardsleeve
TropicaliaCDM1998EUGED 22365Made in?
Tropicalia CDM1998? USA   CD01340?Promo. Gold disc. 
Tropicalia CS1998UK  GFSC 22365In cardboard slip
Tropicalia/Malibu7”1998ITAUMD 77079Rare italian jukebox split! Has Malibu by Hole on the A-side. 
VideosDVD2006????DVD-R promo with 6 beck videos from The information
We are bacteria7"1995USAHB019Rarest beck release ever!!?? 100 copies made on Honey Bear label. 
Welcome to the world of BeckCS1994?????????Promo cassette? Black & white cover. Three songs from Mellow Gold misspelled: Beer can, Truck drivers & Black hole
Where it's at12"1996USADGC12-22214
Where it's at12”1997USAUM 60Ultimix 60 promo with two other songs (Get your groove on och Don't you want me)
Where it's at12"1996USAPRO-A-4875White cover
Where it's at12"1996UKGFST 22156
Where it's at12”1996HOLGET 22161Made in Holland. Rare 12” version of this single.
Where it's at12”1996ITAZAC 096Rare italian 12”!! 
Where it's atCDM1996ECGED-22156Country?
Where it's atCDM1996JAPMVCG-15001Japanese version with 6 songs
Where it's atCDM1996USA PRO-CD 1014Promo. Includes Make out city. 
Where it's atCDM1996UKGFSTD 22156
Where it's atCDM1996AUSGEFDM 2215Australian version in jewel case.
Where it's atCDM1996USAPRO-CD 4887Promo.
Where it's atCDM1996ECGED-22157Cardsleeve
Where it's atCDM1996SPAGED 76017Spanish promo. Has the same cover picture as Odelay. Where it's at plays twice even though it's listed once…
Where it's atCS1996UKGFSC 22156In cardboard slip
Youthless7”2008UK XLS 402UK version on white vinyl.
YouthlessCDM2008UK  Promo in brown cardsleeve
10 000HZ legend - AirCD2001FRACDV2945Beck contrubutes on The vagabond
1st & hopeDVD2006EU602517038349Skateboarding with Beck music in the background
A&M Conference samplerCDx2 1997UK  CSCD97Promotional cd. Beck track: Untitled (= Deadweight, long version)
A life less ordinaryCD1997UK540837-2Soundtrack. Beck track: Deadweight
Asshole7”1995USA  HB018J church single. Cover of Beck's Asshole.
At home with the grooveboxCD2000UKGR068CDBeck track: Boyz
Avalon blues: a tribute to the music of mississippi jCD2001USA79582-2Beck track: Stagolee
Beck Book1998ESP9788479742607Spanish poster book with pictures and text about Beck. Part of series Coleccion imagenes de rock
Beck  Book2000USA   Kill your idols-series. Written by David Quantick
Beautiful MonstrosityBook1999UKBy Julian Palacios
Beck: Breaks and beats12”2006USAtr-005By Panzah Zandahz. Limited 500.
Bridge school concerts – vol. OneCS1997USAWE 491
Buy-Product 2: Brief EncountersCD  1996USA    DGCD-24963Beck track: Novacane
Circuit 1:1DVD1999USA36775DVD magazine with Beck interview
CompassCD 2010UK  Warpcd 192Jamie Lidell album. Beck contributes on many of the tracks.
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKWith rare misprint on the sticker "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (YOU JUST DO AS YOU'RE TOLD)YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (YOU JUST DO AS YOU'RE TOLD)"
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKXLS 320ABlack vinyl. Beck contributes on: It's my fault for being famous. Recorded in Beck's living room.
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKXLS 320BWhite vinyl. Beck contributes on: Honey, we can't afford to look this cheap. Recorded in Beck's living room.
Conquest - White stripes7"2007UKXLS 320CRed vinyl. Recorded in Beck's living room
Conquista – White stripes7”2008SPAXLS 327Spanish version. Recorded in Beck's living room
DGC rarities vol 2CD1994CANDGCD-24704Contains Bogusflow
Dimension mixCD  2005USA    em-014-2Raising money for children with Autism. Children's songs. Beck track: Funky lil' song
Dr. Dog - the girl7"2007USAPTV 20Beck remix of The girl
Drivin' nails in my coffinCDM 1999JAP TDCH-33Great japanese promo single!! Collaboration between Beck and Willie Nelson
Elektro loser/Beck vs The elektrik haze12”2006UKEHEL01Remixes of beck songs
Experimental remixesCD 1995USA Ole 111-2Beck remix pt 1 and 2 of the song Flavor
Feel good timeCD  2003UK674106 2
Forrest for the treesCD  1997EUDRD 50002Beck contributes to Carl Stephensons record
Guero TAB    
Heaven can waitCD 2009UK Promo with 3 extra remixes
Heaven can waitCD2009USA  PRCD 523576Promo.  
IRMCD+DVD2009USA  Charlotte Gainsbourg album produced and written by Beck
Jabberjaw: good to the last dropCD 1994 (1996)JAP PSCR 5559Japanese version. With Obi-strip.
Jabberjaw: good to the last dropCS1994USA MR0081-4
Kill the moonlightCD1997USASFTR1 482Soundtrack with 3 Beck songs
Kill the moonlight DVD+CD1997 (2004)JAP PVBP-956Japanese version. Different artwork.
Kill the moonlightDVD+CD2006USA27Contains 3 beck tracks and 3 Loser tracks
Kissin time - Marianne FaithfullCD2002EU72438120092Marianne Faithfull. Beck contributes on: Sex with strangers, Like being born och Nobodys fault.
Lane Discipline (Diskothi Q)7"1995USAXMAS 009Has cover of Heartland Feeling
Maniac meatCD     2010USA ABR0103Tobacco record. Beck supplies words and voice on Fresh hex and Grape Aerosmith
Midnite VulturesTAB    
Mellow Gold  TAB    
Merry Christmas7”2003USAES7 68540Pearl Jam fanclub christmas 7”. Beck contributes to Sleepless nights
Modern day paintings by original musical artistsCD????USA NR4003Fingerpaint collection. Includes ”Lampshade”
Moulin rougeCD2001GER490507-2Soundtrack. Beck cover: Diamond dogs
Nacho LibreDVD2006SWESE1121016Contains 6 beck tracks.
Nacho libreCD2007GER0180360BDMSoundtrack with 3 beck songs
Nardwuar The Human Serviette12”1995CANCLEO 8Includes interview with beck. Comes with cd inside. 
NME Brat pack ´98CS1998UK  includes Deadweight
One foot in the grave posterPoster2009USASigned poster with One foot in the grave-theme
On a backwards riverBook2000UKBy Rob Jovanovic
Periscope: another yo-yo compilationCD1994USAYOYO CD-3Beck track: The world may loose it's motion
Promotional sample 7CDM1996MEXMCA PRO 07Rare promotional cd from mexico with Where it's at
Rare on air vol 1CS1994USA MR0074-4Rare advance cassette. Includes ”Mexico”
Scott Pilgrim vs the worldCD    
Scott Pilgrim vs the worldLP2010USA###########Soundtrack on red vinyl
Sea Change TAB    
Sex with strangersCDM  2002EU/UKHUTCD147
Sexy Boy . Air10”1998EU  VISA 8234Nice 10” with ”I love Beck” on the front... Includes Sex kino mix by beck. 
Sexy Boy – AirCDM 1998FRAVISA 4304In cardboard slip. I love beck on the front...
Sexy Boy - AirCD1998USACAR 6645-2Beck remix of Sexy Boy, "Sex kino mix". 
Sounds eclecticCD
SouthlanderDVD2001CANEDD02039Beck plays himself in this movie
SuburbiaCD     1997USA        DGCD-A-251Promotional cd. Has ”Advance cd” stamped on the cd.
Sunset sound session7”2010USA        7-523794Record store 7”, USA-release, 2500 made
Sunset sound session7”2010FRABEC5772645Record store 7”, UK-release, 2500 or 400 made
The Geraldine Fibbers10"1994USASFTRI 314Includes Blue cross with Beck.
The Geraldine FibbersCD1994USA72438401932Contributes on: Blue cross. Has "Promotional only" sticker on the back. 
The Hi-lo countryCD1999UKTVT 8290-2Beck contributes on Drivin' nails in my coffin
The Information LithographyArt2007UKLithography by artists at Big Active. All stickers from The information album. Signed by Beck. Number 100 of 200.  
The late great Daniel Johnston - discovered coverCDx22004USAGMN 2112Beck cover: True love will find you in the end
The poop alley tapesCD x 21995USAWIN 010Beck track: Girl of my dreams
The rugrats movieCD1998EUIND 90181Soundtrack. Beck contributes on: This world is something new to me
The sound of wet paintCD 1999USA DRMD-50120Forest for the trees EP. Beck contributes on ”Jet Engine”
Throwing frisbees in the sunBook2014USAA book by Rob Jovanovic
True bloodCD 2010AUS7567894781Beck track: Bad blood 
The Twilight saga – eclipseCD2010EU7567-89479-3Soundtrack with bat for lashes collaboration