The American Civil Rights Movement took place between 1954 and 1968.  It refers to reform movements that took place across the United States, aimed at abolishing racial discrimination against African Americans and eliminating segregation in the Southern states. This era marked a period of struggle for African Americans to gain equal rights and integrate into schools and other public places.  Much of the struggle to end racial inequality was documented as the country resisted racial segregation and discrimination. Strategies such as civil disobedience, nonviolent resistance, marches, protests, boycotts, "freedom rides," and rallies were used.

The point of this WebQuest is for you to gain knowledge about the various events that took place during the American Civil Rights Movement.  You will use the Internet and text resources provided to gather information about a particular event.  You will then use this information to draw conclusions, make informed decisions, and create new knowledge.  Lastly, you will share your new understandings with the class and reflect on the learning through a personal narrative.

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