How to Give - RSR '07 Fellowship Fund (#575889)

Use razoo

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Simple and quick!

Directly via Smith College
(mostly for alumnae)

By Check

To make a gift by check, please send to:
Smith College
Rebecca Samay Rosenthal '07 Memorial Special Collections Fund at Smith College
P.O. Box 340029
Boston, MA 02241-0429

Smith College Tax ID: 04-1843040

By Phone

To give to Smith by phone, call 1.800.526.2023 and then select option 5. Office hours are Monday to Friday from  8:30am to  4:30pm.
Be sure to have the following information ready:
  • the name of the fund the donation is for (i.e. Rebecca Samay Rosenthal '07 Memorial Special Collections Fund at Smith College)
  • whether your company provides a matching donation
  • if the gift is in honor or memory of someone, their name and year of graduation
  • if the gift is a one time payment or via installments
  • the credit card number and expiration date

From the Online Giving page

Step-by-step Online Giving Instructions

  1. Go to the Smith Online Giving page. It opens in a new browser tab (these instructions also remain open) and looks like this:

  2. Click the Contact Information field to expand it and enter the necessary data. It looks like this:

  3. Click the Gift Purpose field to expand it. 
  4. Click the Other Designations field to expand it and then click the Select dropdown arrow. 

  5. Select the Rebecca Samay Rosenthal '07 Memorial Fellowship Fund.
  6. Enter a dollar amount.
  7. (Optional) Click the box if you want someone at Smith to call you regarding your gift.
  8. Click the Gift Details field to expand it. It looks like this:

  9. Matching Gifts
    To find out if your company has a matching gift benefit, click here ( a new web page opens).
  10. (Optional) Gift is in memory of - Complete, if desired.
  11. Comments - Complete, if desired.
  12. Click the Payment Information field to expand it. It looks like this:

  13. Enter the total amount of the gift.
  14. Select the desired gift option, whether to give the full amount right now or to give in installments.
  15. Regardless of the desired gift option, click the Pay Full Amount Today button. This opens a new web page where the transaction can be completed.