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Sheer Magic Makeup

sheer magic makeup
  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance
  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed
  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
  • The composition or constitution of something
  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
  • an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"
  • absolute: complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers; "absolute freedom"; "an absolute dimwit"; "a downright lie"; "out-and-out mayhem"; "an out-and-out lie"; "a rank outsider"; "many right-down vices"; "got the job through sheer persistence"; "
  • Perpendicularly
  • Completely; right
  • straight up or down without a break
  • swerve: turn sharply; change direction abruptly; "The car cut to the left at the intersection"; "The motorbike veered to the right"
  • A quality that makes something seem removed from everyday life, esp. in a way that gives delight
  • magic trick: an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers
  • any art that invokes supernatural powers
  • The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces
  • charming: possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers; "charming incantations"; "magic signs that protect against adverse influence"; "a magical spell"; "'tis now the very witching time of night"- Shakespeare; "wizard wands"; "wizardly powers"
  • Mysterious tricks, such as making things disappear and appear again, performed as entertainment
sheer magic makeup - Mineral Essence
Mineral Essence "Magic Finish Bronze Sheer- 30 grams jar"
Mineral Essence "Magic Finish Bronze Sheer- 30 grams jar"
Who says it can't be summer all year long? Kiss pasty, drab-looking skin goodbye with Magic Finish Bronze from Mineral Essence. This golden-hued powder is the perfect finishing touch for women of color but at the same time can be used by women of other skintone, yet with a slight tint of color, can be a light bronzer,compared to regular Magic Finish. Let it glow with our Magic Finish Bronze for a look that is purely sun kissed and sensational. We all want a healthy, natural bronzed look but sometimes we don't want the over the top shimmer. With Magic Finish Bronze, this matte powder will leave you looking polished and pretty without added shimmer for a look that is all natural and most importantly, all you.

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"CATS" at the WINTER GARDEN THEATRE, 1634 Broadway, New York City, N.Y.
"CATS" at the WINTER GARDEN THEATRE, 1634 Broadway, New York City, N.Y.
The Winter Garden Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 1634 Broadway in midtown-Manhattan. It was built by William Kissam Vanderbilt in 1896 to the be the American Horse Exchange. In 1911 the Shuberts leased the building and Architect William Albert Swasey redesigned the building as a theatre. It is the fourth New York City venue to be christened the Winter Garden, it opened on March 10, 1911 with the early Jerome Kern musical La Belle Paree. It was completely remodeled in 1922 by Herbert J. Krapp. The large stage is wider than those in most Broadway houses, and the proscenium arch is relatively low. The building is situated uniquely on its lot, with the main entrance and marquee, located on Broadway, connected to the 1530-seat Seventh Avenue auditorium via a long hallway, and the rear wall of the stage abutting 50th Street. The theatre's longest tenant was Cats, which opened on October 7, 1982 and ran 7,485 performances spanning nearly nineteen years. The auditorium had been gutted to accommodate the show's junkyard setting, and after its closing architect Francesca Russo supervised its restoration, returning it to its 1920s appearance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 'Cats,' Broadway's Longevity Champ, to Close After almost 18 years, $380 million in sales and untold gallons of makeup, ''Cats,'' the longest-running production in Broadway history, will close on June 25. The musical, at the Winter Garden Theater, will end its run after 7,397 performances, a streak that began while much of the show's current cast was in grade school. The closing, which has been rumored for several months, was confirmed yesterday. An audience pleaser with seemingly endless appeal for children and tourists, ''Cats'' will have been seen by more than 10 million people in New York by the time its final curtain falls. Since opening in 1982 it often ranked near the top shows on Broadway in gross sales. It outlasted hundreds of other musicals, and will have come close to outlasting three presidential administrations. In recent years, however, the well of audiences has slowly run dry, leaving the theater half full on some nights, with the show's producers taking losses during the winter with hopes of making a profit during the tourist-packed summers. Reached in London yesterday, Lord Lloyd Webber said the closing was bittersweet. ''Obviously, I am sad that 'Cats' has to close on Broadway at the end of June, but it is also a day of great celebration,'' he said. ''Eighteen is a great age for a cat.'' In the end, ''Cats'' may have been simply done in by its own success. The musical has been produced in 30 countries worldwide and seen by an estimated 50 million people, or roughly the population of California and New York combined. Financially, ''Cats'' ranks as one of the most successful musical of all time, churning millions into the pockets of its investors and making international stars and multimillionaires out of Lord Lloyd Webber and the show's lead producer, Sir Cameron Mackintosh. It also acted as an economic engine for the city of New York; a 1997 study by Audience Research and Analysis said ''Cats'' had contributed more than $3.12 billion to the city's economy and more than $195 million in state and local taxes. But more than a financial juggernaut, ''Cats'' fundamentally reshaped the Broadway landscape by ushering in the era of the megamusicals: big, flashy spectacles that required little theatrical sophistication or knowledge of the English language to appreciate. As such, ''Cats''' proved that tourist audiences could drive a show's sales. Tourists filled the Winter Garden long after ''Cats'' had become passe among New York theatergoers. But ''Cats,'' with its lavish design and elaborate special effects, also whetted audiences' appetites for increasingly complex stagecraft. Soon Broadway was witness to all variety of expensive stage magic, from falling chandeliers (in Lord Lloyd Webber's 1988 musical, ''The Phantom of the Opera'') to helicopters landing onstage (in Sir Cameron's 1991 production, ''Miss Saigon'') to the foundering of the Titanic (in the 1997 musical of the same name). While visually arresting, these effects raised the cost of producing musicals, making producers' prospect of turning a profit -- always slim -- even more forbidding. Higher production costs led to higher ticket prices. As the run of ''Cats'' continued, the musical also became a cultural touchstone, becoming synonymous with longevity -- and, eventually, longueur -- in comedians' routines and among theater gossips. Even its advertising slogan, ''Now and Forever,'' suggested a certain eerie, inevitable immortality. And in an industry populated by old-time showmen, ''Cats'' also made its mark in marketing, adopting a text-free and thus internationally recognizable logo. The production also saturated the airwaves with television commercials and made its posters a permanent fixture in New York City subway s
amanda tagged me
amanda tagged me
so now i have to write 10 facts about myself. i'm not tagging anyone thought because i dont know enough people on flickr 1. i only really tend to eat fully chocolatey things [ie straight scoops of hot fudge, super chocolate ice cream, extremely dense truffles, chocolate chunks] when i'm sad. any other time, i like fresh, fluffy, light desserts and sugary candy like gummy bears. 2. i'm totally addicted to twitter. not a secret. i kinda wish i could cut back on it. sometimes there's those days where you wish you could cut back on telling people what you're eating and when you're working, you know? 3. my portrait lens broke months ago and i'm still yet to get a new one. so far there's been a macro lens attached to olly for ages and it's kinda hell to take self portraits with, haha. 4. i have a grand total of one pastel colour in my makeup kit, no neutral lip colours, one lipgloss and absolutely no blushes. to add to that, i only pretty much have foundations that match my skin tone [although they are mixable] and only one concealer pallete. how terrible. 5. i do, however, have a decent amount of brights which i can do magic with. i tend to use bright pigments for everything because that's how i roll. 6. despite my chocolate sadness syndrome mentioned above, i'll happily indulge in chocolatey-as-hell drinks. hot chocolate and milo are about all i drink in winter, but i reckon i'll take up chai lattes too when i go cafe-hopping. 7. i used to play piano, but i can't help but wish i played violin and guitar too. i can't play any of the above properly nowadays. especially not violin, and i can't be bothered taking it up now. i have more things to concentrate on. 8. i have no idea why but my top lip is darker than my bottom lip, and it gets annoying. that's why it's either no lipstick or opaque lipstick with me. if i was sheer/semi-sheer, the shade difference would annoy me so much. 9. sweet potatoes are better than regular potatoes, i reckon. and pumpkin is pretty great too. i've never had either in a pie, but i think i should sometime soon. i should be amazing. maybe i can crash someone's thanksgiving when i go to america eventually? or just make some myself, you know. 10. pending

sheer magic makeup
sheer magic makeup
Magic: The Complete Course (Book & DVD)
Magic is everywhere, from the big spectacle celebrity of David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy to the quirky Penn and Teller to the spooky David Blaine and Criss Angel to the endless material on YouTube. But until now, learning it has never been easy—that's all about to change with Magic, a book that does for close-up magic what How to Grill does for barbecue. Written by charismatic young magician Joshua Jay, Magic combines expertise, photographs, step-by-step directions showing how to perform 100 tricks, and a DVD that demonstrates 35 of them.

Joshua Jay took home the top prize at the World Magic Seminar (the Olympics of magic) when he was just 16 years old. Ten years later, he continues to perform magic, write about magic, eat, sleep, and breathe magic. Here, he brings all his passion and knowledge to teaching magic. Each trick is broken down into the Effect, the Secret, the Set-up, and, most important, the Performance, with lessons on what to say, how to direct the audience's attention, where to keep your hands, and so on. (In other words, how to be smart about the things your audience is surprisingly clueless about.)

Here are the Ten Greatest Card Tricks; tricks to dazzle a dinner date; tricks to perform for the boss (poke a hole through his shirt, then magically mend it); tricks especially for kids; and even tricks for an audience in another state—with "Australian Self-Help," you can find a participant's chosen card over the phone. It's the Aha! book for a subject whose time has come.