Mineral make up samples - Eye makeup removal.

Mineral Make Up Samples

mineral make up samples
    make up
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mineral make up samples - Skindinavia Makeup
Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, 6 -Ounce Bottle
Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, 6 -Ounce Bottle
Skindinavia makes makeup better. Our award winning line fixes common makeup issues like melting, smudging, clumping, fading, and creasing. Our award winning products have been featured on TV, in major fashion magazines, and runways everywhere. Formulated by a nationally recognized female cosmetic chemist, Skindinavia focuses on makeup friendly products that are light, allergy free, and long lasting. Award winning lightweight spray extends makeup wear and quality for hours. As seen on TV, major magazines, and on runways everywhere. Keep makeup fresh all day long avoiding melting, smudging, smearing, and creasing in any weather. Extra large 6oz size.

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PROJECT 365: Everyday Minerals
PROJECT 365: Everyday Minerals
March-19 (Thurs) -Day-78 The Everyday Minerals sample kit that I ordered online arrived on Thurs. and it took about 14 days to arrive. I was so excited to open the small packet and inside were cute little sample bottles of EM. It consists of 3 foundation (2 olive medium and golden medium), 1 blusher (walkee talkee), and 1 concealer. I tried the foundation and the blusher this morning and I am amazed with the smooth finish that it gives, much much better than the flaky maybelline powder foundation that i have. I was excited to test it, i tried the blusher but it looks a bit pale on me, i think i should put more next time. I will also take pics of me soon withmake up on, can't wait!! Actually I am not a makeup person but now I have this good product I might put a little bit every now and then.. hehe Get your sample kit today at everydayminerals.com, you can choose your own color.. I only paid the shipping of $4.55.
Day 83 - Dizzy
Day 83 - Dizzy
I played with make up today. I am having a hard time finding the right shade of mineral foundation that will match me. All the samples I have look horrid on me.

mineral make up samples