Mahamed Pistre


                                                                                                            by Mahamed


                All because of Spalding, rookies become legend. Hopeful Sophomores and Seniors  from UConn, BYU, and Duke ECT become apart of the NBA. You do all you can do to impress a scout or a coach like Phil Jackson. You make the winning shot! You out-strategize your opponents with fancy footwork! Be a teamplayer all while leading your team!  . Be committed to this game and its bright orange ball! Conquer the courts! Forget breathing or being tired. Go hard or go home! It’s more than a game- Lebron James says—bring the Heat.

Forget about having fun!

                                                            I need to win failure is not an option.


This Harlem kid  only dreams about the NBA.


 I don’t only go against other teammate. I  go against my self. Trying to make yourself better and better by putting extra time on the court. Because When the ball is your hand and the crowd  is cheering your name—